First Loose Top Tooth

A very exciting time in our household – one of Soren’s top teeth is finally loose!  At 8 years, 2 months & 17 days 🙂 . He did loose his first bottom tooth in April at age 7, LAST YEAR!   Our kids have very strong teeth, which came in late so I assume that is why they are staying in late.  Maebh is 6 and not a single loose tooth. Several of the kids in her Senior Infant class have lost their top front AND two bottom teeth!



As you see it looks like he already lost a tooth – but both the kids have loads of space between the two front teeth – fingers crossed this helps prevent braces in the future! 🙂





The big question is when will it finally come out and what will the Tooth Fairies bring?! Yes Fairies in that the “American” Fairy brought $2.00 for both bottom teeth and the European one brought €2.00 coins for the two bottom.

Soren’s hoping she brings money for Game Stop!


An hour after positing, the tooth was out!



That night, happily Soren put the tooth under his pillow.  However in the am, before he woke up, Maebh at 6, reached under and pulled out the money!  A whopping 10 bill and a $2.00.  He was pissed.

And good news, top right is a bit loose and bottom left 3rd tooth is loose – so more Tooth Fairy Adventures to come!

——— UPDATE:  APRIL 24, 2016 ———————–
After only a short couple weeks the SECOND top tooth is loose – and when I mean loose, I mean hanging on by a tread – Nanny McPhee tooth #2.



He’s going to have the biggest gap in the top … lol can’t wait to see his cute face with no top teeth!  Just need to keep Maebh away from the pillow the morning after. 🙂

First Tooth Fell Out

For a couple weeks now, Soren’s bottom tooth has been a bit loose and just last night was hanging on by a root.

Last night he was getting some nerves up and was trying to pull it out, even using dental floss (with my encouragement as the TF only comes at night)   He let me film him as he too thought it was coming out.  But towards the end where there was a bit of blood, He got very scared, had some tears and needed a big hug, so I shut it off and he went to bed.

This morning, he came down with a big smile and a tooth in his hand very proud.

So here it is, the first tooth lost at age 7!

I was saying a lot of kids lose their first tooth around 5 so he’s a bit late.  I was wondering if it’s genes or what which dictates they fall out.  I read the tooth which comes in first is the one which falls out first and the younger the child was when their teeth come in, the earlier they fall out – that explains it…. late with teeth (which was a good thing).The “American Tooth Fairy” and the “European Tooth Fairy” sent a joint card with a $2.00 bill (which is very special and unique) and a 2. Euro coin – any more is overkill.

We’re off to the Howth Prawn Festival today where he’ll surely spend his 2 euro coin.