Trix The T-Rex at Naturalis in Leiden, The Netherlands

We visited the T-Rex at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, The Netherlands with our friends Jana and Philip and their boys.

Four friends

The exhibit is of a 67 million year old dinosaur which they brought from the USA.  

Dutch Dino Passport

Named Trix, after the late Queen Beatrix, it took three years to unearth Trix from her resting place in Montana. She is an almost complete and very well preserved skeleton; more than half of her bones have been preserved. All that is missing is the left leg, a part from the tail, the feet and claws. The left leg was reproduced by making a mirror image of her right leg on a 3D printer.  It is the only T Rex in the world mounted with a REAL skull.

naturalis 1.jpg



During its lifetime, the dinosaur would have stood 4-5 metres tall and weighed 5,000 kilos. They believe it was  female and died at about he age of 30 around 66-67 MILLION years ago!

At the exhibition, you will literally step back into the world of the T Rex with lifelike robot dinosaurs bringing the Cretaceous period to life. Visitors come face to face with Trix.  The next gallery is packed with interactive play elements.  You are challenged to find answers to puzzles & more. 

There was a cafe in the center area where the adults can have a drink.  As you’ll see there was some drinks between the four adults while we chatted.   Seriously, two Dutchmen who stand at 6’8″ & 6’9″ tall and a woman from Czech Republic – you better believe they enjoy their brew.  I wonder who took the photo of Philip with 1/2 his head cut off?! 


There were Paleontologists who were there on hand to talk about various bones and there were some doing some scraping and cleaning of bones.

Great place to visit and fun day with their family.   Trix is going on tour for 18 months I believe while the building gets a make over.

It’s great to see the kids together again.  They were with us 2 years ago in Cromer, UK. Soren speaks English with a bit of Dutch and while Tobias speaks Dutch with a bit of English and understands Czech, yet they are still able to communicate.    Tobias gave Soren a coin with a dino on it and it’s proudly displayed on his dresser in his room.

They are coming to Dublin in May and staying with us for a few days so that will be fun!