Owls Group: Feed The Birds for Christmas, St. Anne’s Park, Raheny

Today we joined the OWLS nature group again in St. Anne’s Park for feed the birds this Christmas Event.   Same group where we did the Tree Climbing and Games event.  It was  essentially rubbing peanut butter on pine cones and rolling them in seeds and putting them on string.  Then they could take them home or hang them on the trees in the park – we opt’d for the second which was great as for some reason, I didn’t think it bring a bag or little tub to put the gooey sticky stuff in when done.

We met up with friends who also brought their kids to the park that day for the event too – when the boys were not playing soccer they were getting their hands dirty with the peanut butter mixture or climbing a tree.

We’ll keep an eye out for upcoming events as the kids really enjoy them with the OWLS group.


St. Anne’s Park, Raheny – Scooting & Exploring

As it was such a nice spring day, we headed down to explore St. Anne’s Park in Clontarf.   It’s just on our doorstep, so we thought why not.  It’s the second-largest park in the city of Dublin, (Phoenix Park is the largest), so it’s really the only place around to be surrounded by trees and in nature close to our house.

While we had been there in the past but had not ventured beyond the playground.   As we walked and the kids scooted on the paths through the woods, it had a “BIT” [and I use that loosly] of a vibe as Sheringham Park, but without all the flowering trees and plus graffiti – why the need is beyond me. It’s not even nice murals or artwork, it’s just crap.   Here you’ll see a creepy face – why?!

As we took the paths ultimately making our way to the massive playground the kids explored and made me very nervous climbing steep things (I know kids will be kids).

There are brass rubbings, cool trees, and very old structures with loads of history.






















And we made it to the playground for a bit of play before heading back to the car and home for dinner and homework.

We’ll be back and will only be nicer as the flowers and trees will be in bloom. The only thing really blooming were daffodils.  Lucky for us we live so closeby!