Seaglass Hunting on Killiney Beach walk & Killiney Hill Playground

On Sunday, we had a short stroll on Killiney Beach looking for sea glass and the kids playing a bit of football.  The beach is very rocky and personally not one that I’d find enjoyable for swimming (I have sensitive feet and hate stepping on rocks with bare feet) but it is full of interesting shaped stones.

After we took the kids to Killiney Hill Playground.  While it’s more suitable for younger kids, the views of Howth and Dun Laoghaire are beautiful and they did have some fun.
Finally, we drove over to Dun Laoghaire to walk around a bit. We stumbled upon People’s Park market which I loved -food trucks galore and artisan food.

I’d love to have this on my doorstep each Sunday. We’ll surely be back here!!  The market in Howth, while cozy, is just not the same.

Burrows Beach Walk & Sea Jaw Bone

Despite being October the weather yesterday was amazing – so we took a bit of a walk on Burrows Beach in the afternoon while it was still sunny and fairly warm.

When I got to the beach, I’m normally head down searching for sea glass.  While it was approaching low tide, this beach didn’t have any sea glass to find, it was shards of broken glass all over the place – terrible.  I would’t let the kids take their shoes off it was that bad at low tide.  While the surroundings and views are nice, I’d prefer to visit another beach next time.

With shoes on, the kids had fun.

A few races and then there was this attempt at who is the most goofiest! Soren clearly won.
During this trip a bone with a tooth in it was found, so we suspect it is a seal’s jaw.  We took a photo and sent it to Bone Identifier.  Indeed it is what it was – seal jaw bone.

Sea Glass Hunting

For the past few years, I’ve been collecting Sea Glass and occasionally drift wood as that is not as common here as a past time event when at the beach.

It is only now that I’m thinking about doing something with it.   Perhaps some frames or jewelry or a wind chimes.  See the endless things you can do with this stuff.  I recently found a new beach much closer to my house so I’ve popped over there a few times and scored quite a bit.  Yesterday I was there for less than an hour and I found a lego in the mix.  It could be from a child taking it to the beach but I recently read that many legos are washing up on the shores of UK & Ireland.  Apparently a container of legos sank – in looking at the types of pieces and those found by the lady in the photo, I’m 100% sure it’s not from that load, but kind of cool.

My previous find…after two hours.   Just with the blue pieces were larger 🙂

Once I get a dremmel to make holes in the glass and some special glue and create something, I’ll come back here & post about it.

Sea Glass Hunting at Donabate Beach

This morning Soren played a friendly game of football against a local club which was a great game – Soren scored one goal!!

We headed up to Donabate Beach again!  Even in the winter, we’re there.

First we had a pint in the Waterside Pub, overlooking the sea, and then while Soren and Nils took a walk on the water edge and explored a few rock pools, Maebh and I collected sea glass as there is a lot of glass at this beach.   Of course, most of it was green, but did find a light blue one and two bright blue pieces!


Love this beach and we’ll be back soon to collect more sea glass and explore the rock pools.

Here is my current collection on display in our kitchen…. thinking about getting a larger vase to store them all in one.


Donabate Beach Walk

We headed up to Potrane Beach to walk along the beach and instead of going on the beach we normally go on, we decided to take the cliff walk to the right towards Donabate.  We have never been that way before but was pleasantly surprised.  At first I was a little skeptical of what was around the corner but all in all it was pretty safe and wide enough so you were not dangling on the edge of the cliff.  Our kids thankfully don’t run off ahead so the danger was lessened as they walked with us.  We passed a person in a wheel chair – not sure how far they got but, at places, it was pretty wide.













After what I think was about a mile walk, we came to the Waterside House Beach Hotel (didn’t know it existed!).  There the kids explored rock pools, while I searched for sea glass along the pebbles. Being low tide, it was perfect and I found tons – most green pieces but a few blue.

As it was a bit chilly, we popped inside the pub to use the bathroom and we decided to have a drink. As Nils was checking it out, an older guy started talking to him.  So when we came in, the guy walks up to us and asks if we were Dutch and if he could buy us a round of drinks in honor of his 70th birthday party.  Nils replied, both Dutch and American – well the guy was thrilled.  He “loved the Dutch” and spent some time there from Utrecht to Amsterdam.  He also had a connection with Lowell, MA too. Such a nice guy – Martin from Swords.  He came over and chatted a bit and when he left, his wife came over and shook hands and said bye to us.


Two days later, we returned to the same beach to collect sea glass and the kids could explore the rock pools.  We didn’t visit the hotel pub this time, but it was tempting as it was chilly.   This trip we saw horses having a trek on the beach – turns out the hotel can book this for you. The kids would love that one day.




We’ll definitely be back to this beach as I think it’s a great beach at low tide, tons of pools for the kids to explore and bonus a pub for a snack, drink or hot tea if it’s cold.

Saturday Afternoon Beach Day

Yesterday had partly sunny skies and a high of around 10 degrees, we headed to the beach with buckets and spades and sunglasses.   When the sun was behind a cloud and the wind hit, it was a bit chilly, but not too bad.  Slowly, we’re finally getting some warmer Spring weather. Today is supposed to be 19 (66 degrees F) so we’re hoping to head to the Cromer Pier for our first try at Crabbing!!

We knew low tide was at 2:30 pm, so we headed down and it was just so calm and sandy.  Hard to believe this was the coast of North Norfolk vs a beach with the smooth sand some place tropical.
After walking down and hanging out for a bit, Nils took the kids up to the playground area before heading home for Maebh’s nap.   Poor guy had to carry Maebh and hold Soren’s hand and walk up all those steps!

I stayed back and walked the beach collecting sea glass and interesting shells/rocks.  Funny there were others walking looking down for things too, but they had large bags so I’m not sure what they were picking up – perhaps interesting stones or trash?  Soren really likes my collection and helped find a large piece of glass today.  Later  helped me lay it out, clean it and put it in the jar.
Later on, the kids did a little watercolor painting.  One minute they are best friends, the next minute they are fighting over who has the big paintbrush.  Clearly, I have to get them another set of paint and brushes, as they are really loving painting pictures.  Maebh found it fun to dip her napkin in the water and squeeze it out on her paper.