Review: Terrarium making working at Werk aan de Winkel – MixStore – s’Hertogenbosch

Yesterday I made my first ever Terrarium at Werk aan de Winkel  here in s’Hertogenbosch.   It was a lot of fun and while it sounds old fashioned and boring it wasn’t.



The store is so cute and filled with so many lovely things.   If I need a gift, this is where I’ll go here next.  I already know that I’m going to buy M the neon heart light for Xmas!









Many bars and restaurants in the area provide her with their jars and bottles for The Green Bar to use for her eco-systems and terrariums.  Love that!! So, instead of just recycling my glass blue Bombay Sapphire blue gin bottle, I’ll be brining them by for her to use as they actually use them for eco-systems, etc.


I actually organised this event for a group of International women who live in town.  Five of us attended so it was cozy and each person received loads of one-on-one instruction for their terrarium.   She even did the event in ENGLISH for us as not everyone speaks Nederlands well enough (if at all).   We started off with a cup of tea and some freshly-made pieces of a cake.


How it works. 

The first step in your plant-making adventure is learning about your materials and then prep your planter.   She showed us a number of examples (both dry & wet) and told us all about drainage, soil types & nutrition so that our mini garden survive.

First we had to choose a glass container from a large collection which were set out on a table.  I chose a recycled roasted pepper jar with a strip of leather on the top.  Even the leather was recycled.   I found it rustic and thought it would be perfect for low plants.   If I was doing a wet terrarium, I would have chosen a taller one as the plants are taller.


With a wet terrarium you choose plants that like a humid climate, such as Ferns, Fittonias, Hypoestes, mosses, Tillandsias and Asperagus etc.  If you prefer cacti and succulents, like me, then go for a dry version.

She then explained to us step-by-step how to add different types of rocks to the planter, layer by later to be sure to get proper drainage before adding the soil – which you use different soil for wet & dry terrariums.


Once your planter is prepped, you’ll move onto actually adding your plants.  This was a fun part as this is where your personal style comes in.   I choose a furry cacti and not thinking the handling part through too well – ha ha.   All in all it was fine, not too many pokeys to pull out. 





The final step in your planting experience is decorating.   The dry ones are topped with tiny pebbles, and if you want you can add a few stones and a tiny creature.  I chose a Oeteldonk frog – after all we do live in s’Hertogenbosch 🙂


Once satisfied with your terrarium,  take it home to enjoy for as long as your heart desires.   You need to water it every once in a while to make them last as long as your memories of the event.

I’m not a green thumb at all – in fact, I own ONE plant and I’m surprised it has lasted as long as it as.   I normally kill every plant – even killed cacti in the past – I’m determined to keep this alive.

If you are interested in making one, it costs €36 and you can book online.  They have other workshops too and we’re now looking at booking a hand lettering workshop.


TREK Food Truck Festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch


Yesterday, the kids, myself, Nils and a friend in S’s new school class attended the Festival TREK in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.   I didn’t take the typical amount of photos I would have taken probably because I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I had wanted.  I will just say next year, I’m totally going to return sans kids and with adults who enjoy food trucks and like to be at these type events 🙂  I will then be able to plunk myself down and enjoy nibbles and chill out in the company of those who enjoy this type of event.




Soren and Maebh enjoyed the swing ride (Maebh’s first time on it as this one didn’t go so high or too fast). In fact, she went on TWICE!


The kids had loempias, fried potatoes on a stick and some sort of drink which they got to keep the plastic cup.  And of course, when Soren saw Carlingford (yes Ireland) oysters we both had to each have one!   Apart from the oyster, I only ate a loempia, had a beer and had a gin and tonic.  I’d like to have the tacos but we never we back around and ended up leaving.  Oh and we did have one injury due to some kid running by Maebh accidentally hit her in the face and her tooth hit her lip and blood everywhere!

See photos from their official site which you can see the lovely atmosphere and the vibe!  I will add that while the entry to the event was free the cost of the food is quite expensive, so you should go the there super hungry or you’ll spend a fortune – I personally think it’s best go there for a few beers and to get a bite at one or two trucks.  

For summer 2019 there is another food festival in Den Bosch called Foodstock – looking forward to checking that out.  It looks fun and more than just a few trucks…

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