C-Section Scheduled – Monday, April 12th

Based on the baby still being breech on Thursday (and today) my OB went ahead and scheduled me to have a c-section on Monday, April 12. She truly believes a version is not the best option, as it really can cause strain on the baby and often ends in an emergency C=section. She also said per the U/S, I was measuring ahead one week so they also moved my due date to be April 15th.

When I arrive at 6 am, they are going to do another U/S. If the baby did move to head down, they’ll induce and I’ll have he/she vaginally. If not, they’ll go ahead and perform the c-section at 8:30 am. I’m hoping for the vaginal delivery but have accepted this might not be the case.

That day of the birth and day I come home, we’ll have coverage for my son and Nils will take the day off work, but I’m trying to plan for help for the following week. I understand I will stay in the hospital until Friday, providing there are no complications.

I asked how soon could you breastfeed after the c-section and my OB said I should be able to do it within an hour of being back in my room. I’m happy about that too!

We are expecting baby #2

So exciting!  Here we have our baby #2.  As you can tell, the leg is positioned oddly and ultimately looking like an extra-long “you know what”!  Nils posted this on both our Facebook pages and we got some really funny comments.  Many actually believe it is going to be a BOY!  We are NOT going to find out the gender until delivery, as we did with Soren.

For now, we’re calling baby #2 = Baby Twee (Dutch for Two)   – Twee is NOT the name 🙂

The expected date of delivery is April 15, 2010!