Postcodeloterij Fiets

Now that Soren knows how to ride a bike (and Maebh still on her training wheels) we thought it would be best to get a bicycle for me.  Getting back from the school run on bike will be so much faster – only trouble now is the continued question of what to do with Maebh.  As I said she’s still on her training wheels and tires easily so I know it is still going to be a problem.     For now, we’ll probably still have Nils drop them off (on the way to work) with their scooters but the solution is to get a bike seat on my bike – not sure if I can physically do it.


In looking over Done Deal (an online buying site like Gumtree), we found a Dutch guy, who is moving back to The Netherlands, selling his bike which he won in there and brought here.  As you can see it’s a heavy, duty bike.  It’s a bit big for me, but works fine – we took a ride to the Pencil playground over in Baldoyle yesterday.  Nils walked with Maebh and Soren and I went head.

Nils can easily ride this bike with the seat and handlebars up – so I may look for a lighter weight, smaller bike for me.