St. Anne’s Park, Raheny – Scooting & Exploring

As it was such a nice spring day, we headed down to explore St. Anne’s Park in Clontarf.   It’s just on our doorstep, so we thought why not.  It’s the second-largest park in the city of Dublin, (Phoenix Park is the largest), so it’s really the only place around to be surrounded by trees and in nature close to our house.

While we had been there in the past but had not ventured beyond the playground.   As we walked and the kids scooted on the paths through the woods, it had a “BIT” [and I use that loosly] of a vibe as Sheringham Park, but without all the flowering trees and plus graffiti – why the need is beyond me. It’s not even nice murals or artwork, it’s just crap.   Here you’ll see a creepy face – why?!

As we took the paths ultimately making our way to the massive playground the kids explored and made me very nervous climbing steep things (I know kids will be kids).

There are brass rubbings, cool trees, and very old structures with loads of history.






















And we made it to the playground for a bit of play before heading back to the car and home for dinner and homework.

We’ll be back and will only be nicer as the flowers and trees will be in bloom. The only thing really blooming were daffodils.  Lucky for us we live so closeby!

Howth Playground & Day Out

Now that we’ve moved to Ireland, we spent one of our first days here visiting Howth.

The kids remember the playground from our last trip to Ireland, we visited Howth.  Located on the seafront, it’s a perfect for kids Maebh’s size – especially the fire pole is not too high.  So given her new found skill and love for sliding down the pole, she can do this one.   And that she did, over & over & over.

After about 40 minutes, I convinced them to leave the playground for a bit and to walk the East Pier to the end.   While the pier is rather wide and plenty of space, I just get a bit nervous being near the water with the kids, but it was fine.  We walked to the end – but not without a couple injuries and then back again.

Ice cream time at a nearby café.

Then we took the Howth Express – a little tram which according to the map took you in a big loop.  Due to planning or some other problem, the little tram doesn’t do that loop at all.  Truthfully it was a bit disappointing for the cost and I’m really glad we did it before Nils was with us.   The tram driver did stop at the top near the Howth Castle and let the kids come out and toot the horn so the kids, however, enjoyed it.  He told a story about a lady pirate who visited the Howth Castle only to find the gates closed.  She was turned away due to them eating dinner so angrily, she kidnapped an heir and took him to Galway.  Now they always set the table for a “guest” and the gates were never locked again.

The driver pointed out at the Howth Castle there is a nice transportation museum which includes old fire trucks, trams, trains and other vehicles but it is only open Sat & Sun 2-5 pm so we’ll have to try that another day.  Also up there is a culinary school – a future cooking class!?  Along with Deer Park Golf Course & Foot Golf – which I have never heard before so once I have internet at home, I’ll have to research.

Once back in the town, the kids wanted to go back to the playground, which at that time, was packed.  So after about 10 minutes or so of playing, we walked up the Howth Market to have a peak.  They did have some food vendors which looked delicious, but again, thought we’d save that for when Nils would be with us.  So the kids both got gingerbread men and we headed off to buy a post card.  Soren really wanted to send one to Blake.  Sweet, right.  


As we were waiting for the bus, along with 20 other people we learned that the DART was not running as they were on strike – so thankfully we didn’t go there first.  And that explains why the bus was packed and each bus which has gone by our house has been packed each direction.

Danvers, MA: Endicott Park

Want to give your Mommy a heart attack, just go down the slide for BIG KIDS without an adult at the bottom.  Oh boy, my little daredevil! 🙂

I’m sure I’ll look back at this many years from now and see I was just a helicopter parent and it was not biggie.

UPDATE – July 23, 2020:  Yes – he is now 12 and his slide is NOTHING compared to the giant ones we have now in Europe.  He was totally fine and I’m a much more relaxed non-helicopter parent.  Living 8 years away from the USA has helped! 

Today at Endicott Park, Soren decided he was not interested in going anywhere near the goats.  So he made this funny face!

Soren is all about pushing his sister in her stroller.  He says it so cutely…  “Doren Pusss”!!

One of my favorite things to do, hide behind a tree!