Speelland @ Beekse Bergen

As we have season pass for the Beekse Bergen Safari Park and the play park, we set out to check out what Speelland park was all about. The weather was a but nippy but dry and as the park just opened for the season we thought we would visit. The kids enjoyed it and will be back on a warmer day!

When you walk in the first thing you get is this water pistol thing – which on the way out our kids soaked each other so making the drive home a wet one!

They had some giant balls filled with air which were covered by a rope. Fun for about 5 minutes – I thought it would hold them longer.

A few rides on areas.

A big playground on sand with lots of water.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a water area without a floating bridge which requires the kids to pull themselves across.

A bar of course.  If Nils was with us, we’d surely be there.

A set of ride on go carts for smaller kids – €1 a ride.

A smaller kids ride for little kids.

And proper go carts at €2 a turn. These petrol fueled carts are for older kids of a certain height (1.40-1.70 I think) which our 10 year old LOVED.


The kids also liked a ride over the water.



Trampoline park which one minute it’s packed then next minute it’s empty.



There was also a larger water slide which was closed – but same deal without the diploma no going on it.

We did have lunch at the cafe – sandwich, smoothies and fries but you can bring your own stuff.

Overall it was nice day out but definitely a place where it is better in warmer weather where the kids can cool off in the water.  Our kids at 8 and 10 are a bit too old for a lot of this park. I’d say 4-6 is the ideal age.

We have a season pass this year so we will visit for the water area but not sure we’ll renew next year.

Openluchtzwembad Staalbergven – Oisterwijk, Netherlands

Yesterday was April 22 and nearly 30 degrees! Being one of the last hot days in the forecast and N’s last day here for two + weeks, we wanted to find a place where we could swim and take advantage of the great weather.

I found Staalbergven on the internet which showed an outdoor pool and a lake. Of course being April it wasn’t going to be warm very water but figured a place to splash around is good enough. Turned out the big pool with diving boards was still closed – and as our kids don’t have their swim diplomas yet, they couldn’t go in without us and arm bands – so fine by us.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 14.09.14.png

The place was great – really looked like a kids summer camp you’d find in the US. There were canoes, a lake with a dock island, playgrounds, blow up soccer pitch, a baby pool, medium pool with water slide, cafe, etc.

When we arrived it was very quiet but as the day went on more came yet not too crowded.

Nils took the kids down the waterslide into the freezing cold water!

The lake area was great too. I only went in up to my knees to cool off.

A zipline which went over water (1.5 feet max) so they did that a bunch of times.

On the edge of the dock is an area with loads of frogs which were making cool sounds.

Before we left we had a popsicle to cool down but did not get anything from the restaurant. It’s a great place and we surely will be back again to use the pool – €4 for kids and €6 for adults. There is a seasonal pass but I don’t think we’re going to visit enough to justify the spend.  Living in Den Bosch city centre, we’ll probably visit the Zuiderplas more but I do love the pool and lake option.