Final Hippotherapy Session

Sadly, Maebh had her last hippotherapy session with Barbara at Ironstone Horse Therapy in North Tewksbury/Andover.  I will never forget her first day, crying, screaming hating every minute of being on the horse.  Fast forward several months and she loves it so much… the bond she developed with her therapist Barbara and the horses, especially Klagan, her favorite, was so special.  Our Wednesdays will not be the same.  I wonder if Maebh will continue to have a liking for horses and want to do some riding.  Soren LOVES to ride and had a lesson a while back.

Here are some photos from her time.


When we visited Boston again, 2.5 years after we moved away, we tried to see Klagen – her favorite therapy horse, but he retired and is living out his life on a field not working anymore.

Here are some videos of her time there.




UPDATE:  At nearly 6 when she looked at these photos, she asks if she can go horseback riding – which is only natural as she’s comfortable with horses.

In fact, where we live in Ireland they have a place with Equine Therapy – I want to volunteer one day a week there.  It was so helpful for Maebh.