Dublin, Ireland: Glasnevin Cemetery Halloween Mid-Term Tales Tour & Botantic Gardens

Today we met up with friends to take the Children’s Mid-Term Tales Tour of the Glasnevin Cemetery.  Glasnevin Cemetery hosted a one-of-a kind Halloween tour for children aged 6 – 12, running  The tour will be given by the Ace of Spades, who will terrifically terrify you with tales of gruesome truths and funny folklore. Are you curious to discover how the legend of the headless horse man came to pass or perhaps you’d like to hear the story of the unfortunate Vincent brothers and the cursed ‘Black Aggie’ statue?   The tour guys Alan and Warren very amusing!



We first ate our lunch at the Whitworth Pub where the kids had their faces painted and then we headed off for a quick look at the decorated pumpkins at the Botanic Gardens.


With their faces painted and costumes on – we set out for the tour with Alan and Warren.


maebh and nina faces


It was really fun and the cemetery is really nice –  after being here for 3 years, it was our first time.   It’s a very peaceful, beautiful place and next time we’re at the Botanic Gardens for a walk through, we’ll pop over here being so close it’s a must.


Halloween Costumes: Homemade Edition – Joke In A Box

Halloween costumes in our house has always been purchased and if luckily for us, re-used for a few years in a row.  Maebh has not even asked for a new costume and will dress in one of her many Frozen dresses. Soren who has been Captain America for two years in a row has come up with a make your own costume with Nils.

The concept began with him saying he wanted to be a joker so he can tell jokes as last year at every house he’d tel the same joke… “Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?  To get to the bottom!”

So instead of a joker, he is a JOKE IN A BOX, which needed to have a curtain in front of hole where candy is inserted to hear a joke.  Whats more is that behind the curtain s a pumpkin pail which he used last year for his trick-or-treating.

Here are the photos of the creation of the costume. I will post more photos on Halloween night. For now he’s thrilled to wear it to school on Friday.

And Maebh tried on the costume.
The night was hugely successful – he had tons of jokes, loads of candy!