Sheringham Park: Acorns: It’s Windy@Sheringham Park

Today Maebh & I attended “It’s Windy” session put on by the Acorns Toddler Group from Sheringham Park – National Trust.  

As I posted before, it is the outdoor learning group for kids 2-4. Same as those who organized the Animal Adventure Adventure & Pond DippingIt’s A Shore Thing & Magnificent Moths, Don’t Worry, Bee Happy & a few others but those were too wet & cold so I didn’t bother taking my camera with me. 

We started off doing the same little search for stickers with photos of various photos (all which relate to the theme) scattered all around before heading outside into The Bower section.

We started off in the bower section making our first project – parachutes. 

One they were “built” there was some testing.  Which includes tossing it up in the air and hoping it doesn’t come down on your face or someone near you.    

We then took them over to the closest viewing tower and dropped them one by one.  

We then headed over to the large grassy area and played games on the giant parachute.  Maebh was affaid at first and didn’t want to run through alone, but warmed up towards the end and went under.  I think she sticks her tongue out when nervous …. 

Then inside the classroom to make a kite and have a snack.

Outside Maebh flew her kite around…
Finally we close the session with a book and song.After the session, Maebh played a bit in the Bower balancing on the sticks and laying on her favorite warm rock and then the four of us had a picnic.

It was then when we got to see the many common frogs in the pond.   If you stayed still, they often came pretty close to us.  

The bird feeders while full didn’t have any birds eating.  Some different birds have been spotted here lately, but no luck today.

Open Forest School Session With Parents

Today parents of Nursery & Reception were invited to the last Forest School session at Soren’s school, so Nils, Maebh & I attended.   The session in total was for about an hour and a half long and involved games, exploring, making a volcano with mud, crafts such as a magic wand & pine cone bunny.

Forest schools are a type of outdoor education in which children (or adults) visit forests/woodlands, learning personal, social and technical skills. It has been defined as “an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment”.
One of the reasons which we chose Gresham Village School for Soren was that they were very much into outdoor learning environment year round.

Soren and another boy, L, played with this magnifier sheets & Maebh got in on the fun too.

Part of the fun in the class is that there is a small digital Vtech camera which the kids are able to take photos of their learning.  Today Maebh had it for a while and like her mummy, loves taking photos. Clearly a must gift from Santa.

Soren and some of his favorite pals, spent most of their time with the giant dirt pile.

When there is dirt, there is water!!

Maebh made a magic wand with Ms. Paige and then together we made a pine cone bunny.

A drink of milk, along with few games, the session was over.  All the kids & parents enjoyed themselves.