Aviva Stadium: Ireland vs. Uraguay

Yesterday we took the kids to see the friendly fixture against Uraguay as part of the 2018 World Cup series the the Aviva Stadium.   Luis Suarez played for like 10 minutes – probably part of his “contract fulfillment”.

We all first met up at the Bloody Stream for a couple pints then headed in on the DART – Howth to Landsdown Road (super easy!). Funniest thing is Soren was at a playdate earlier so he didn’t join us until the Sutton stop.

I have never been there before so was happy that we all went together.   We will do a stadium tour another time.  The stadium is beautiful, new, loads of bars, food stands.  Speaking of stands and bars – there was a rule you could not bring your beer to the stands!  They loosened up the rule in the second half.  But as I am a self-professed​ beer snob, I would not waste my money. Plus, I had two Hoegardens already at The Bloody Stream.

In order to sit together, we swapped our tickets with another coach, so our tickets were in premium section 324 which was great but the rest if the group was up in 511, we moved 1/2 way thru. There the kids would be with their pals and it made going home a lot easier.

On the DART on the way home, some of the boys were cracking us up climbing the poles and trying to do chin ups, etc. A little brother was the best!!

Great night and all was safe – there was a no bags policy in place but it was outside in the crowds which was my most uneasy period.  I did not see one armed Garda – yes, I still have strange feeling about the fact that most of our police do NOT carry guns!!  A few issues with drunk losers but thankfully that didn’t  escalate.  Anyway on the DART, no worries only laughs at the climbing monkies.

Fun time with a great group of kids and parents and awesome that we won!

FAI Soccer Camp Week

Today both Soren and Maebh started a week-long soccer camp at his local club.   Despite Soren having a painful right arm due to a playground injury, he has continued on playing.  If he is still in pain by Saturday, we’ll take him into have an x-ray.

It’s Maebh’s first time really doing anything with soccer as it’s always been Soren from his days as a Messi Monkey in Danvers, MA.

At the same place, Aztec Soccer, he did Soccer Tots and then Beverly Youth Soccer and British Soccer Camp, which he loved right before moving to the UK.

And as a little guy supporting Holland in the World Cup!

Clearly Soren loves the sport and I think Maebh will also be crazy about it too.  But she’s doing Irish Dancing and now a week-long gymnastics camp is in the works for the Summer.  This fall she’ll be joining the Academy to get the basics down.

UPDATE:  The week is over and both kids had a great time.  They left with a certificate, a great ball, new kit and some new skills.

Soren’s arm is still swollen and painful so Nils will take him to the Children’s Hospital tomorrow am.