Easter In The Netherlands

Nils’ sister is coming from Los Angeles to The Netherlands for two weeks in April over the Easter break so we’re doing everything we can to get over from Dublin for a visit with them. We all agree, to have all the nine cousins together would be terrific.  Oldest is 9 and youngest is 17 months if you don’t count to the current “bun in the oven” in sister #3.

Over Christmas we spent 19 days there, so I know there is a lot to do like a day trip to Eindhoven and visit the Philips Museum. Or we can do something new like the DAF Museum or Van Abbemuseum – both which look fun for the kids.  Of course, we’ll all have to return to the Steen Uil and this time Maebh should be proficient enough to ride a bike by herself.   And probably even the Oertijdmuseum. Speaking of farm, there is a goat farm in Veldoven called Geitenboerke which is not far away which we could look at visiting on the Sunday, their “look day”.  At 7 & 9, perhaps they are too old and not interested in feeding baby goats by bottle.

Perhaps if we want to head a bit of a distance we can visit the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam or even Splashtours in Rotterdam harbor looks super cool.  Discover Continium Limburg looks amazing and not far from Maastricht (1 hour & 20 minute car ride) in case we want to visit it the same day.

Amsterdam is at the absolute very top of my wish list with a visit to the NEMO Science Centre.  The Science Center NEMO was established in 1923 and its current building was designed by Renzo Piano. During its early days, the museum was known as Museum van den Arbeid, which translates to “Museum of Labor.” In the 1950’s, the name was changed to Dutch Institute of Labor and Technology and again in 1997 to new Metropolis. In 2000, the name Science Center NEMO was introduced.

Science Center NEMO Exhibits

With five floors to explore and discover, Science Center NEMO is chuck full of exhibit and hands-on learning experiences that will surprise and fascinate visitors of all ages. Exhibits include:

  • Space shower – Learn what cosmic radiation is and its origins through this unique exhibit where visitors can actually see these mysterious space rays.
  • The Search for Life – An interactive exhibit where visitors can discover the secret to life.
  • Smart Technology – A new exhibit that focuses on light innovations and how light affects both plant and human development.
  • Chain Reactions – Learn everything you need to know about potential and kinetic energy in this fun exhibit.
  • Soap Bubbles – A fun exhibit where visitors blow giant soap bubbles.
  • Phenomena – Discover the secret to gravity, light and sound.
  • Codename: DNA – Journey through your body to learn all about DNA, its past and its future.
  • Amazing Constructions – Find out why bridges and buildings are so strong and what the difference is between push and pull power.
  • Machine Park – A ball factory where guests can sort balls, check the results, dispatch orders and send packages on their way.
  • Journey Through the Mind – Learn all about the mysterious brain in this fascinating exhibit, which also features a collection of real animal and human brains.
  • You, Me, Electricity – Explore the exciting world of electricity with the help of Elektra, Europe’s largest humanoid robot.
  • Roof Panorama – View a spectacular panorama photo of Amsterdam and learn which architects built each building and how tall the city’s most famous buildings are.
  • Water World – At Water World, visitors can learn all about the water purification process.
  • Splashing Water Wonder – A water playground where kids can splash, play and paddle around in the warm summer months.
  • Teen Facts – Learn the science behind puberty and why teens behave the way they do.

Admission is 16.50 for anyone above 4 so I would make sure I got the entire day there.   Grrr… if we ever live in The Netherlands or plan on spending a good deal of time there, the first thing I’ll do is buy a Museum Kaart. They have the best museums scattered throughout the country we’d go on a museum tour and with that card, most of them a FREE entry.  It’s walking distance from Centraal Station so might do this with the kids alone but how great would it be to have a hotel stay for two nights in or within a short distance of Amsterdam at the end of our trip and then take a flight home from there.   Too bad hotels are a bloody fortune!

While we have been to The Netherlands many times we have never visited during peak Spring season and actually visited the Keukenhof!

I know the idea of walking around a million colorful flowers is not the most fun day spent for the kids nor my husband but for me would be terrific.  Perhaps I can go on my own – nah, I don’t think that would be fun at all.  Perhaps the playground & birds of prey could talk them into joining me. Something tells me that this is not going t be the year for me to visit the Keukenhof.   I know there are Dutch tulips cover the fields in the west of the Netherlands so perhaps I get a peak if not the real deal.  And if I can’t visit the Keukenhof, I hope to at least visit the Amsterdam Flower market on the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein. Update:  Hubby suggested that we go to the Keukenhof – ROTFLMAO – He’d kill me if we actually went together – unless they serve beer then he might just belly up to the bar while I walk around. 

I also think the kids would enjoy De Zaanse Schanse too.

I believe the plan is that we all visit the Efiling, a theme park which looks absolutely amazing for the kids!  I think we could go from open to close and still want to return.

I’ll come back and update this post when I find time as we travel around.  I’m taking my “good camera” with me on this trip.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Today Soren & I decorated/colored Easter eggs for the first time.  We used a kit we got in the Netherlands.  It could be any easier – you drop the colored tablets into jars of water then already cooked eggs, put on stickers and you are done.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 13.16.49

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 13.16.41

I know many people actually eat the eggs after but I’d NEVER in a million years consider doing that.  Yuk!  I already have a huge issue with eating food coloring.   I even had fun…