"Thinking About" Donating Hair To Charity

Maebh at nearly 6 has very long hair… sometimes I joke we should cut it all off as it’s often a pain to wash, comb without her screaming.  I mentioned to her that some children do not have hair due to genetics or illness and would love to have her hair.  Of course, she immediately said she wanted to donate it.  I’m not yet sure she or I are ready to do it, but we’re “talking about it”.

I did some research on Rapunzel Foundation and Little Princess Trust – and they provide wigs for children in UK & Ireland.  There are a few requirements – like for Rapunzel Foundation it must be 14″ and NOT colored.  With Little Princess Trust you CAN have dyed hair as long as it’s natural colors not Blue, green, purple, etc.

Anyway, here is her current hair.


Something tells me we’re going to keep it long and give it small trim.  We’ll see.   She’s also thinking she’d like to have bangs…. which I prefer her not! 🙂 

And while we’re thinking – I’m thinking where did my baby go.  Here she is ready for a birthday party of three boys in her class – she dressed herself and Soren helped apply her eye shadow.  She’s nearly 6 going on 16! 🙂