Final Summer Outing: Bowling & Burger Kings

As a farewell to school vacation, we took the kids bowling.  Technically Maebh won a voucher, which I sourced, at the school’s Summer Fair and it was expiring in September 2016, so we had to use it and it was prefect timing.  It was fun – I “nearly” won!  🙂  Nils is so big and strong that one throw of the ball and he cleared a lot of them.  Oh and one bounced off the bumpers had and he got a strike – and that I got on video!

Maebh was using the ramp and Soren helped her, as needed.

Afterwards the kids had kids meals at Burger Kings – as Soren called it was he was little.

Last Day Of School Vacation: Bowling with friends

Today was the last day of the Christmas school vacation and a friend of mine, also American texted to see if we wanted to join them bowling.  As Nils is away for work and the kids and I had no plans, we agreed to meet up at the Leisureplex.   It was such a busy day there that we ran into FIVE different friends from the kids’ school.

It was a great time – my friend is so good score of 137!! I might have to “be busy” next time she suggests to go bowling 🙂 !!
I had to add two videos I took. Soren was so helpful with his little sister and I’m shocked the bowling floor doesn’t have holes in it from kids throwing the balls.

Hard to believe it was nearly 3 years ago today, our family was bowling in Hunstanton celebrating Soren’s birthday bowling.  The kids looked so young – Soren just turned 5 and that is the age Maebh is now and Maebh was almost 3.   Such sweeties then and now.