Beach play aka “Water Toes”

After being tired of not being able to participate in “Water Toes“, Maebh and Mama join Papa and Soren.  We took the umbrella from the porch and a blanket to enjoy some cool fresh air down by the edge of the water.

Here are some photos of us.  Oh and after this successful outing, I bought a Kwik Cabana pop up sun tent off and we hope to get some more Water Toes time in today before Papa has to go to work!!

The best part of living on the beach!!











Winthrop, MA: Afternoon on the beach in front of our house

Today after Papa returned from work, we decided to blow bubbles out on the beach.  It was so much fun to see Soren “attempt” to blow them vs. eat them.  He did lick the stick a few times – better make sure they are non-toxic 🙂


This morning, Soren and I took a trip to the Boston Children’s Museum where he played with bubbles and saw a Curious George exhibit so he’s now into saying, Apiee Bubbles.   I took a few photos using my iphone so if I will upload a few if they are decent.