Backyard Fun With The Crazy Daisy

Hard to believe that this Crazy Daisy, which I bought at the Overstrand Car boot sale for £5.00 has lasted so long!  I highly recommend everyone with a grassy backyard and warm days buy this sprinkler – the kids LOVE it!!

It’s not that “normal” that we have super warm summers, but the past week has been great so after the beach, I told them we can take it out and try it.  We don’t have the same water pressure as Gresham but it worked.  The kids had a great time!!
























Two days later, back out in the garden to cool down.







Yep, every child should own a Crazy Daisy! 🙂


Backyard Water Play & Pannenkoek

Yesterday the kids spent some time playing in the Crazy Daisy and the blow-up, kiddie pool.   A friend’s son came over then so did Nils’ sister and crew came over too!

Then boys loved it and the photos say it all.  The girls played school, house & doctor in the house.

Later Lise made pannenkoeken which was a nice treat for all of us.

Speaking of water play, last week on a hot day the kids played with Tom our neighbor in his two pools.



Sock Bubbles In The Backyard

As it has been a pretty mild winter (compared to last winter where Soren missed a week of school), we spent sometime in the backyard yesterday.

It is February 20, 2014 and not a single snow fall here in North Norfolk.  Part of me is okay with this as the Snow Drops have came out so we have the feeling that Spring will soon be here, but the other part would be okay with one dumping of snow so the kids can play in it.

As  both kids love bubbles, we decided to try to the bottle, sock & bubble thingy and it was a lot of fun. Not sure why we have not tried it sooner.


Outdoor Play With Free Toy Library Stuff

I posted before about this really cool thing here in UK – the FREE Toy Library!  Before we have borrowed loads of indoor toys and ride-on toys, but this time, I tried to focus on items that will get the kids outside playing in the back garden.  Clearly, we need a splash pool, as they were tempted to put two feet inside.


This session we got a large, water table which comes on a stand, a bag of outdoor toys like tug-o-war rope, rings, twirlers, a plastic ball, a few bean bags, and finally a plastic teacup set, as Maebh’s never made it to the UK with us.  Naturally, they played with the teacup set in the water table and then later in the bathtub.





Super strong Soren during a game of Tug-O-War

The other day at the Cromer car boot sale, I picked up this great two-piece rash guard suit for Soren for only £1!  Not sure the price here, but in the US, for the set I’d probably pay around £20!!  I also got a set of lighter weight Corfu paddle boards with ping pong balls (from the Zoo lady), which will be fun to use at the beach for kids or adults too!

Soren tried really hard to do it, but struggled.  Maebh, forget it!  Soren kept saying things like “this is the same ping pong from Anthony’s house!!”  Watch out, when we come back for Anthony & Megan’s wedding, Soren will be ready to play!


As she was already a ballerina with the pretty pink suit, given to us from Lise.  Maebh spent the next minutes being a ballerina.  No idea where she gets these moves, but I love them.  Dance school here we come.




Thursday, July 18th – After I returned home from spending the ENTIRE day in Norwich with a friend, I was greeted by two kids ready to do some outside play.  So the kids & I spent some time in the back yard, water table, ping pong, etc.

Maebh was very cute with her new Hello Kitty glasses and her bathing suit wedgie.  Soren and she played for a while on the tractor while having rocket ice lollies.  Maebh pushed him around – the girl is always pushing the boys around. 🙂




When Nils & Soren went off to the local shop to pick up milk, Maebh asked for her nails to be painted, but not her toes this week.  How could I resist – too cute!!

Finally, there were three pretty roses left in the garden, so I brought them inside to fully enjoy in my green Cromer car boot vase (only 30 P) from the old lady & guy!!


Backyard Water Play

It doesn’t take too much to entertain our kids! A simple garden hose coupled with some mud, courtesy of those dam mole holes, is great fun!  BUT two hoses would be better – as each of them wants to spray when the other one has it and it can turn into some screaming matches.  Perhaps there is a device that splits it.

When a parachute comes over the house, it adds to the fun!


At Blake’s birthday party yesterday, a mom brought a sprinkler called a Crazy Daisy -which hooks on the end of the house and sprays water around – the kids loved it!  She picked it up at a festival for 5 and so I’m going to look for one too. It would be great for warm days in the back yard.

I try to be sure they are not in their best clothes when playing in the mud but today was different – I didn’t get to Maebh in time to remove her pretty summer dress & pink leggings.  Nils gave Soren his t-shirt… and it looked rather cute with his hat on backward and his wellies.

The kids took turns around the garden watering plants, flower sand trees.  Then they got the idea to spray the mole hills and turn them into giant mud piles to play with.  Once he realized that with enough water, you’ll see a hole develop where the mole burrowed.  Hopefully, the little guy was out of there, as we have about 20 holes in the garden – let’s hope there are not 20 moles too.  Maebh is a huge fan of jumping in mud and then having Soren rinse it off her.








For a while, Maebh was content with singing & dancing around the garden … she must get into dance soon!






I did some searching online and I’m 99% sure if they are moles.  It goes on to say that these critters like to be hidden and undisturbed; disturb them – so we let the kids continue…   I don’t want to use chemicals and I just read that there is a device called a SOLAR POWERED MOLE REPELLENT which sends annoying vibrations  – they cannot tolerate that constant underground vibration.  I’m not sure it’s silent like the plugin mice repellents, but I’m thinking this may just be our solution but I think we might need two due to the size of the yard.

Backyard BBQ & Water Play

Yesterday we had a little BBQ in our garden and the kids had some water play.  I first gave them a frozen apple juice pop – and couldn’t miss taking a photo of them as they shared it… they had no idea I was taking their photo here!  

When I did some grocery shopping, I picked up one of those small, portable disposable BBQs.  We’ve never personally used it, but it was so easy.  My idea was to take it down to the beach, but high tide was at 6 pm, so logistically it would not be a good idea.  We agreed, we’ll do it again at the beach soon, but when the tide was low, so there is more soft sand on the beach, etc.
The BBQ box was so easy – simple open, light and when the coals are gray you can put the food on.  We picked up meat on a stick and salmon/shrimp skewers.. super easy to eat & yummy!


While this was so easy, I MUST get a proper BBQ asap – I really miss cooking meals on the grill and while convenient when at the beach for camping, not ideal for a big dinner.
The kids love playing in the backyard – especially with the mole hills which have popped up all over the garden these past weeks.  Add a little water & it’s a mud festival.   Soren made a valley in a pile and had the idea to add the water from the hose.  But then he thought he needed a bridge, so he found a small green bit from the golf course, which was found in the garden near the summer house, so it was perfect.  He was so proud of his creation! Then the hose added an extra bit of fun.  Of course,  what 3 & 5 year old could resist stepping in the mud & then spraying each other.









When there is a hose, there is no doubt wet children.  Ten minutes of fun watering the palm tree…















until Soren really got Maebh in her face – then it was payback time where Maebh could equally soak Soren (with a little help from Nils).  Then two, wet crying muddy children.


The crying lasted a brief few minutes, up into the bath to clear off the mud & then we ate dinner!  What a mess, glad I put them in old clothes which I didn’t mind getting muddy!