Scooting & Playground Fun @ Ardgillan Castle & Desmene

Back in September spent the afternoon at Ardgillan Castle & Demesne so we did it again yesterday.   This time both kids had their scooters.




The kids especially like the playground,  which is huge.  It really is great for all age groups and as an extra bonus it overlooks the sea, but I do think the slide is a bit high up and while I didn’t see any kids fall, I think it can easily happen.











Once again, we didn’t go inside the castle but will one day.  Hopefully next time we visit the rose garden will be in full blom as it was in September.  Being so early in spring, the only thing in bloom were some petnuias, crocuses and the daffodils.


and enough daisies on the grass to make a daisy chain – but we had a long walk up the hill which was a bit struggle for her so we skipped the daisy chain and struggled on towards the car.


Highly recommend a day out here and next Saturday is the annual Leprechaun Hunt!   Judging by the photos on their site, it’s probably madness and Nils would HATE it… so pretty sure we’ll skip it, but the kids wan to go!!  Perhaps I’ll copy the idea and do a Leprechaun Hunt in our house on St. Patrick’s Day… the kids have two days off.

Ardgillan Castle & Demense

As part of a meetup group for families, our family went along to meet everyone and explore the grounds of the Ardgillan Castle & Demense about 20 miles north of Dublin between Balbriggan & Skerries.

The park consists of 194 acres of rolling open grassland, mixed woodland gardens overlooking the Irish Se with views of Mourne Mountains to he North and Lambay to the South-East.    It was like a mix between Sheringham Park, Felbrigg Hall & Blickling Estate – so very much like a National Trust property.

The rose garden & walled garden had loads of pretty flowers in full bloom.

The playground was great – but maybe just a tad bit big really.  Thankfully our kids are pretty good and are not dare devils, but it could be a nightmare for some parents.  If you have toddlers & older kids you could not possibly watch them at the same time – far too big.
The group played a game called the “handkerchief game”where each player on the opposite team has a number. When the person with the handkerchief (here the hat) calls the number, they person with that number runs to grab the hat and return back to their safe place without being tagged by the opponent with the name number.   It was fun but after about 10 minutes – it was a bit exhausting 🙂 Soren loved it.
Apparently they have pretty good events during the year like the annual Easter Egg Hunt but the one I especially love to check out is the LEPRECHAUN hunt… that would be funny for the kids!We really liked this place & will certainly be back.