NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam

Today the kids and I were going to go to Beerkse Bergen (again) due to our annual membership and not being there for some time. Plus the crazy French family who got out of the car and were hunted and thankfully not killed by cheetahs put it fresh in our minds. As we were driving, I offered a day trip to Amsterdam and the NEMO Science Museum instead and both kids enthusiastically agreed.

So we parked the car, took the train from s’Hertogenbosch to Amsterdam (one hour trip with two stops – Utrecht Central and Amstel) and we were there.

The walk to the NEMO from the central station is not only simple 13 minute walk (once you look at the map) it is picturesque and really gives you a glimpse at the beauty there is in Amsterdam (well some parts) but especially on the water! We went by places which the kids remember from our canal cruise last year aboard the Friendship – which I highly recommend.


kids on bridge near neamo

We got to see some pretty cool boats coming and going.

boat going under bridgebusy water3party boatswater ways

And here is when I wish my camera had a video. We witnessed two British women nearly shit themselves as they ignored the bells and lights on the draw bridge and kept walking.   When they got to the end, the second pole started to come down and they panicked.    Note the boy in the background, he was 1/2 across when it started to buzz and also ran back as fast as possible to his parents.

stupid ladies on bridge

First off, the design of the building itself is a sight to see because of the sloping rooftop and unique angles and it is the highest city square in all of The Netherlands. Soren thought it look a lot like a boat which is somewhat does and surrounded by water I can see that but Architect Renzo Piano had to build the structure like this since the museum is directly over a tunnel. We didn’t make it there but you can actually hang out on the rooftop for FREE and get a breathtaking views of Amsterdam from above. We’ll do that next time for sure as I totally missed it this time.

The NEMO Science Museum is a wonderful place for kids and adults and is full of cool stuff like interactive labs, informative exhibits, and hands-on learning activities. The staff are super friendly and informative. They engage the kids and ask them questions about what they are seeing and doing – plus they all speak fluent English. For Soren it was cool to do it both in Dutch and English.

It’s really set up well for parents too. There are toilets and coat racks on each floor, baby changing facilities and even a breastfeeding room, which you can access by asking an employee.

As with all museums here in The Netherlands there are lockers for you stuff. Some are free and others take a coin and return it in the end – that is the case here. There is a change machine in case you don’t have a .50 cent piece it requires. If you have no money or no interest there are coat hangers on each floor which allow to you hang your stuff (but note it can ‘walk off’. For those with small kids, there are larger buggy lockers if you have a fold able buggy). Or there is buggy storage under the stairs if you want to park it somewhere or of course, take it with you. There are toilets and coat racks baby changing facilities and even a breastfeeding room, which you can access by asking an employee.

After we topped in Mojo Sushi. The manager was so nice – as we didn’t have reservations they would need the table back by 730 pm. No problem – there is only so much you can eat in an all-you-can-eat place especially with an 8 year old who doesn’t take much to fill up.

Then a funny one-hour train ride to Den Bosch full of Victorian jokes told by Soren.