Crane Neck Christmas Tree Farm: West Newbury, MA

Today the four of us set out to cut down our own Christmas tree! Sure part of us was thinking it was terrible to cut down a tree, bu the other part was tarnished from last year’s experience we wanted it to be as fresh as fresh could be and wanted to start a new family tradition.

So after some research we decided to head to Crane Neck Christmas Tree Farm in West Newbury. Such a nice, family-friendly place. I vaguely remember cutting down our tree 15 years so with the McIntyre family but it’s completely foreign and out of my mind.

Upon arrival we were greeted and asked if we knew what type of tree we wanted to find. I said we had loved the look of the Fraiser Fir from last year but the experience with it dying with a week of getting it home was so poor, we wanted to see what they had first. One thing was for sure, I wanted to get a glance at their $5.00 trees, yep that is right, $5.00 trees! They were nothing worth taking but we had some laughs.

We were told the general direction of some trees which would fit our needs and off we went complete with a sleigh for pulling the tree back and a saw.  How fun, right!?  It sort of backfired on us as Maebh was so tired she cried and hated almost every minute of the expedition. Soren had a lot of fun and next year will just be better!

A little past the $50 and $60 trees was a little section of “discounted trees” with tags… well a few were terrible and most were half decent. I think we lucked out too because come tomorrow (Saturday & Sunday) I think most of the “cheapo” trees will be taken.

Enjoy the photos, we had a lot of fun!

Now that was cool for a 4 year old – this net thing took the three and made it smaller and manageable!

As we were leaving some horse riders were going by – a treat for a 4 year old!

Who knew that a simple wooden board with a snowman painted on it and a hole for a face could be so entertaining.


Can you believe it, we ended up with a FIVE DOLLARS tree and to some it’s a bit like Charlie Brown’s tree, I love it.  Once decorated it will be great!

More information about the tree farm can be found on their site.  With most tree farms, depending on their size, they have to let their trees catch up, etc.  So before you head off, call or check for their site for hours and their inventory – not point in going if they are not selling trees this year