Wenham Museum

The kids and I have have never been inside the Wenham Museum, despite living in the next town over for two years!  It’s a small museum which was cute – tons of miniature trainscapes on display with old men repairing and maintaining them . If we lived here now, we’d get a membership to support it.   They also had Mary Poppins exhibit and each Friday will have a special, organized craft event.

Soren loved the trains and the scavenger hunt to find the flag, bus, railroad crossing sign, etc.

Maebh loved the trains too, but was extra interested in the dressing up section with the funny mirror and the craft room with scissors and glue sticks.

Soren and Maebh talked about making signs for Nils when he arrives on the 18th so they did it here.  Soren’s inspiration was this railroad crossing sign.

The kids made their signs for Nils when he arrives on the 18th.  His sign reads “welcome to the family”.

After the museum, we headed to Constitution Playground in East Boston which we call the “planes and trains playground” as you see Logan Airport in front and the blue line MBTA in the back.

Funny that I didn’t feel a big desire to return back to Beverly asap, nor did I feel that I wanted to return to Beverly either.   Wenham, however, really appealed to me – it’s just far more open, larger more Colonial homes, but also too expensive for us even if we wanted to return to the North Shore.   Plus truthfully, I think the kids will be raised in Europe, but you never know.