Beavertail Lighthouse: Jamestown, Rhode Island

After we had lunch stuffed our faces, at Chello’s before heading down to Jamestown, RI to Beavertail Lighthouse.  It’s the third oldest lighthouse in America.  When it’s open (from mid-June onward) you can climb up the center of the tower and enter the museum to see how life was in the late 1800’s.

Afterwards we stopped at a beach to collect sea glass before heading home.  Such enormous, beautiful homes overlooking the Narraganset Bay. It was too cold for Maebh, so she spent the time in the car, but Soren was helpful and found loads of pieces with Kayla.

My parents, the kids & I took a trip down to Rhode Island to visit Hanaki, Kayla and Jeff.  We first stopped at their house to see their pets – which include two birds and three cats – so the kids loved it.

The green bird was cute but the grey one, Paco, was the star of the show.  He dances and makes sounds – but I didn’t quite get him to say hello. I have a video of him, so when I have time I’ll post that too, but for now here are some photos of them.