New York City: Quick Trip For Immigration Paperwork

This post isn’t meant to be a travel post about what to do or see in NYC but rather a post about our one day in NYC when we were there for my UK visa appointment.

In order for me to stay in UK, legally and have access to the NHS (free healthcare, etc) I need to have an EEA Family Permit to join my European family (Nils & the kids travel with their Dutch passports).  As we didn’t include my original passport with the application it was kicked back as unable to process. Why we wouldn’t send our passport into a third party without knowing how long it will take (6 months?!) is logical.  Anyway, long story short, but after many emails, calls and uncertainty we didn’t know what to do and was stressing out.  I really really need this to be taken care of before we travel as going in as a tourist is not doing to work.  We knew the only way we were getting in the building to speak with someone and plead our case we booked a premium appointment to be seen at the UK Consulate in New York City.  Knowing we were not students, but were also leaving on Thursday, we did it.  Thankfully it worked, we are getting a refund of the $100 booking premium and we were able to get my documents at 4 pm that day… which left us with a day of exploring The Big Apple (yeah!)  We didn’t do all the touristy things I wanted to do, but with a 4.5 year old and a 2.6 year old in a single stroller, there was only so much we could do.  And we did a lot!


We were looking a various hotels in downtown NYC online and the prices were crazy… $300 a night for a DAYS INN!  Based on Nils’ past experience with events with STI, he thought it was best to stay about 20 miles outside the city in the area of Tarrytown – an lovely suburb up on the Hudson River.  We scored a great deal for $144, yes with all taxes and fees less then $150 on Hotwire at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tarrytown  Turns out it was a wonderful idea with free parking, shuttle to the Metro North line from Tarrytown Station to Grand Central Station in THIRTY minutes!   Easy, fast and the kids loved it!   The hotel was really nice too… so much nicer than all the hotels we have stayed at in NYC for $400 a night!

Hotel lobby – a bit like a lodge in the mountains.
Our room – super nice, clean and comfortable.
The Pool
Cute wooden train at Roy Rogers  – a quick pit stop to pee on the way down.
Look at me, Soren!
Best of friends…
I love this train, Mom
Hiding in the “wheel well”
A visit to the Tarrytown Fire Station
Fire Chief Soren
Lt. Chief Maebh
Ready for the pool.
Looking forward to the pool – but no floaties! 😦
Let us in the pool Papa!
Relaxing before we get in.
Fun with Mommy in the pool.
Freezing outside the water
Playing with Papa who makes BIG splashes and waves.
Hey Nils, where you going with that towel on your head?
Look at those teeth
And my tongue
Hey, that is me!
Train ride to NYC
Tappan Zee Bridge
Tappan Zee Bridge
Train Ride
High rise apartments of the Bronx
more high rise apartments of the Bronx
Not quite as tall but felt like a sky scraper.
Great American Food Truck
Yes, she was a tourist walking around the city.  I couldn’t resist.
He was inside and thought this was the coolest toy ever.
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
Ghetto Mickey and Minnie
Pain the ass Minnie insisted she gets a dollar too, after I gave one to Mickey.


Times Square
Papa Razi Shot of the movie star enjoying her fruit.
Love the Empire State Building in the background
Grace building with the angles
This way to the Water Taxi to Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
My turn to be queen of the world (New World Trade Center buildings in back)
Union Sq – that building is on Bethany (I think)
World Trade Center
Wall Street area.

NYC is a great place to live if you have tons of money and can escape the city every now and then but a nice place to visit and nice to leave! )


When the kids are older, I’d love to go back and explore with them.