Provincetown: Cape Cod

During our month-long vacation this summer to New England, we spend three nights in Provincetown, Cape Cod before heading up to New Hampshire, Maine, Boston, etc.  For those who have never been or heard of it, it’s located at the extreme tip of Cape Cod.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.10.43.png

It’s a small coastal resort town with a year-round population of just under 3,000 and has a summer population of as high as 60,000!  Often called “P-town” the town is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its status as a vacation destination for the LGBTQ community.  I personally have been coming here since we were kids when we came down to Truro with my grandmother or with friends and boyfriends over the years.  It’s an amazing place – I LOVE IT both in & off season!


Last time we were here, the kids took a photo on this bench near the parking lot by the  wharf.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.08.08

So I asked them to sit there again just to compare the two photos.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.21.41

The weather was just perfect during our time there and we spent time strolling around and taking photos of the beautiful buildings and houses, etc.  Everything was in full-bloom and so very New England.  Living in Europe for the past 7 years, you don’t get this vibe there so it’s very special.

Part of P-Town which is special to me is the Lobster Pot restaurant.   It’s where Soren buried his toy car in the sand when Nils accidentally ran over it during a trip to Cape Cod in 2012.

I personally have been coming here long before I even knew Nils – I love their salad dressings (especially when they mix together) and they have great oysters which Soren & I LOVE!  Oh and great bloody mary’s too!  So a stop there for lunch was a must.  Even if it meant we’d have to wait in line for a table (and we did for a bit) we were going here!!

Thinking we would not be back in the next few years at least, I bought their cookbook which contains their dressings so I could make them at home if I wanted.

We booked a Breakwater room in the Provincetown Inn  – while it was not the least expensive nor modern hotel in the area – we chose it because of the views, the quiet location and the outdoor pool!

Nils and I have have been coming to this hotel and using their pool and bar on our day trips down from Boston long before we had kids so it was nostalgic.     In fact, one quick funny story was that one trip Nils & I took down to P-town, [again way before kids] we had one too many drinks at the A-House, we ended up meeting some new friends who hooked us up with some friends with a guest house and toothbrushes we could no longer drive home.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 16.03.46

We spent some time at the pool, swimming and I enjoyed a nice margarita (or two!)   I preferred it with a salted rim but the bartender said it was unhealthy and doesn’t serve it that way 🙂

One day we decided to go out on a whale watch while we were so close to Stellwagen bank.  As Maebh was too young when we took Soren once on a sunset whale watch cruise in Newbuyrport before we moved away.  The thing is Maebh gets really seasick – so we had breakfast, gave her some tablets and hoped for the best.  Thankfully things were good for all of us – at one point I was a bit queasy but I too took a tablet to be sure I’d be okay.  Here are some photos from the trip.   Funny that Soren was so into it that he said during his time in college he can come back to the US like a J1 student and work in P-Town on this whale watch.  but with a US Passport – he won’t have to do the J1 visa route but I told him, I’d come along rent a house and he can stay with us.  I’m sure between 18-21 you don’t want your parents crashing your summer college job but this mama would like to 🙂

There are a couple different Whale Watch companies off MacMillian Wharf but we picked Dolphin Fleet because they are more unique. Unlike many other whale watches, our trips offers a wide spectrum of educational tools that go beyond the “average whale watch”. Their trips are designed to enhance our awareness of whales, other marine life and the marine habitat that surrounds us.  The goal is to have each passenger depart their vessels with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the wealth of life it supports.   Their website has more information and games for kids which they can do in advance of the trip.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.14.40.png

Tip: To save €2 per person, use coupon code “WHALE” for each ticket purchased online.  When you get to their ticket booking office, give your booking code they’ll give you the tickets and you can do down to the boat.

We had a wonderful time in Provincetown.  As we drove towards New Hampshire to meetup with friends & family we stopped in Chatham briefly to see if we can see any seals and sharks along the bay.  There are so many AMAZING houses there.  Oh I’d love to live in one of these!!

And no trip up to NH on 93 would be complete without some Boston humor – like WICKED TOUGH TRAVELS – though the traffic wasn’t too bad!

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 09.42.43

Cape Cod, MA: Take II – Father’s Day Weekend

I scored a wicked cheap deal on Google Offers for a two night motel stay for $105~~ yes, $105 not per night but for TWO nights FRIDAY & SATURDAY – unheard of!!

As expected, the hotel was no frills, just basic motel but the kids loved it.  It had an indoor & outdoor pool but the outdoor pool was too cold still this time of year.  We’d have to wait until August to go in that as it was unheated.  But they did have a blast in the indoor pool though.  Soren actually (with the help of arm floaties) was able to swim around on his own.

At the end, we’re actually all Cape Codded out but had a great time nonetheless!  Remember, we spent Mother’s Day weekend in Cape Cod too!

Welcome to Cape Cod – Sagamore Bridge – Traffic free!  Always a good start to a trip to the Cape!
Cape Cod National Seashore – Wellfeet Beach, Calhoon  
Beachcomber, Welfleet – home of the BEST margarita and
such a great spot to be in the summer!

Watch me toss this sand, Mom!
Handsome boy at Race Point Beach, Provincetown
A lone picnic table, at a beautiful beach
Pretty Flowers and old fence – Cape Cod National Seashore
Mama’s Margarita – of course!
Welfleet Beach
Obsessed with Bubbles
Mac’s Seafood Shack  – a must try next time
I forget the name of this lighthouse, but it was pretty.
Uncle Nick’s Bridge, Welfleet
Coast Guard Beach
Coast Guard Beach
The sign says it all – Cape Cod National Seashore
Cute Cape House in Chatham
I can’t hear you
Seal Watching, Chatham
Seal Watching, Chatham
Train Tracks
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Slide at hotel
Soren helping Maebh.  Sure enough, the moment he moved his hand, she lost her footing and fell backwards down that hole and hit her head.  Probably a 2.5 foot drop.  Poor little girl, but she was okay.
Yummy Arugala Salad Pizza, Hyannis
Laughing girl
Peek – A – Boo with Soren
Playing with food, yes, blowing bubbles
Music at Mullen Playground, Falmouth
Awesome Climbing wall at Mullen Park, Falmouth
Monkey Bars
Back and Forth, Back and Forth

The annual Hyannis Father’s Day Classic Car show was during the weekend, so with Nils & Soren – no way would we not enjoy that.

Papa’s favorite – Triumph TR3A



Mom Loves this one
Soren’s favorite car has Fire on it
Maebh’s favorite
One of mom’s favorites!!
Fun car
Nice woody wagoneer
Huge Flag which the kids thought was cool
Nice car for Papa
Look the “lemon from Cars2”
Soren likes cars with fire
love, love, love
Air hockey vs Maebh
Air Hockey vs. Rara, (Soren)
Mama’s here to help
Soren showing Maebh how it’s done
Auto Rijden
Funny Girl
The boy is obsessed with Fire Poles
Me and the kids – so look like my parents here.
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Another fire pole
Fun at a playground
Looking for “Ra Ra” or Soren (static started)
Love the face
On the edge at Welfleet – huge cliffs
Sand play – Race Point Beach, Provincetown.
Chilly but we did see seals.
Hi Mum!
Scary Drag Queen Michael Jackson
I don’t mind it, Nils hates it.
Watch  me eat this lemon
Oh it’s strange…
Ewww my mouth.  Wanna try Maebh?


Cape Cod, MA: Mother’s Day Weekend

Had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend in Cape Cod!  Loved it so much, we’re going back down for Father’s Day.  It’s such a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing place.  I commented so many times how I’d love to live there.  Everything is so groomed and so many trees!

We visited Woods Hole Science Aquarium where the kids learned about various marine animals found in Northeast and Middle Atlantic waters.  Admission was free, but rely on donations so do donate!!





Followed by a yummy lunch at Landfall in Wood’s Hole.



















We couldn’t resist taking a Duck Boat Tour Hyannis aboard the Duckmobile!

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 13.43.26.png






























Overall it was a great weekend in Cape Cod.   We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful place just driving distance from our home!

Looking forward to returning for Father’s Day Weekend in June!