Mundesley, Norfolk, UK – Adventure Island Miniature Golfing

Late yesterday afternoon, we wanted to take the kids out for some fun  So we decided to head to the miniature golf place in Mundesley.   It was slightly run-down, but they don’t see those things at all.  To them it was amazing.

It was Maebhs first time ever playing and as she couldn’t hold the club correctly, Nils helped her set up her first swing.  And then it was so amazing – a million-dollar shot – she they got a HOLE IN ONE!!   Yep, the first ball ever, a first assisted swing and right between the rocks and into the hole.  Now that is something she can put in her learning journal in Nursery school.   I so wish I had it on video!



Then after that they each took about 7-8 times to get the ball in the hole.  After doing that for about 10 minutes, we had the idea to just let them go together so they can mess about and be done faster.

In the end, Nils won by THREE points!  While bummed I didn’t win, three points behind him is pretty good!  There were a few holes which took me 5 times to get in and that is where I went wrong. Grr!

Afterward, we got ice cream and walked across the street to the beach to look.  It was a bit windy and a little chilly so not many people on the beach.


Here are four great example of how this miniature golf place could never be like this in the US.  I forgot to take a photo of the bridge, where you can walk right into the water… thankfully our kids didn’t. Mainly for liability (safety) reasons and aesthetics too.


huge eye sore


a pitch fork! 🙂
The exit is locked, so you have to go out the entrance – Ha ha

It was fun, would we go back probably not. We’ll try another one like the huge one in Great Yarmouth or over near the North Lodge in Cromer.