Church Farm Stow Bardolph – Rare Breeds Centre

As it’s lambing season, we thought it would be fun to visit a farm where the kids could feed baby lambs.  After doing some searching, we opted to head towards Downham Market in West Norfolk to Church Farm – Stow Bardolf.  Although it was not raining, it still was a bit chilly – but we went anyway and had a nice day.   If it was closer, I would consider getting a membership to go more often.

The place was cute – they had a tea room and gift shop which had typical English country kitchen things Emma Bridgewater cups, tins, trays – most of which I’d love to buy.  While we didn’t eat there, the food which I saw looked good.  You could also pack a picnic and sit outside under the covered area – but as it was chilly, only a couple families did it.
As you past through the shop, you to go outside, there is an indoor play area for the kids. It was divided into two – a section for under 4’s and one for the bigger kids.  Maebh being almost 4 is right in between as she doesn’t like the large, curved slide which was so dark inside and has trouble crossing the rope bridges which her foot can go between.  Unlike some indoor places, who put a second layer of netting to avoid that, they have not.  Soren was so sweet and stayed with her as she made her way across the bridges and they had a race down the slide.  At the end, they both ventured in the under 4’s area and were playing at the train table.  I took a cute photo of them from outside.




Outside, there is a large play area with a few trampolines built into the ground – which we all loved! Back in the States, you don’t have them often as they are a “liability” and most insurance policies ban them.  But the way the built them into the ground was great.  I’d get one and hope that my in-laws do the same in their garden for the grand kids.





They had an obstacle course, like the Pirate Ship playground in Wells, which Soren loved to do.

And a covered sandpit with tons of plastic digging toys, but we didn’t head over there.  Soren spent most of his play time in the play tractor section.  They had about 10 large green & red tractors like the yellow one in our garden.  Next to it they had one for the smaller kids. Once again, Maebh was in between both.  The little ones had no pedals but had squeaky horns but she said they were for babies.  The large ones had to be pedaled, but that was a problem for her, she couldn’t do it.   So she tried and said she liked them, but it was not without loads of time asking to be pushed.



And my favorite area as the animals.  At first you walk by a pig pen, which housed a huge pig which we named “Big Fat Mama Pig” and her super cute piglets.  She was so busy trying to get her back scratched she’d rub up against the house and then came to the fence hoping to get scratched by the kids.  When the little piggies awoke, two came out to play and get scratched too.



Then there was an covered area with more pigs, which the kids could get in with.  Maebh lasted a couple seconds, Soren loved it.

And there were more pigs around, which I found so cute.



Inside were also three beautiful white cows of some sort (Texas long horns?) which are believed to be pregnant so they have them indoors to give birth.

And in another section where the Ewes with their babies in pens.  One was born the day before followed by others who were born just days and weeks before.  Even a set of triplets!  It was so funny to see a little goat poking his head over the fence to see the baby lamb in the next pen, then suddenly the mother smashed her horns against the fence to scare him off.








One of the highlights of the day at the farm was that hey allowed kids to feed the orphaned baby lambs. They were very sweet little guys which were numbered to ensure they got fed properly.  Before the start of the feed, number five was very curious towards me and was nearly out of the pen.



Again, while it’s not as large and fancy as Davis Family Farm Land, which we may visit when in the Sates for the month of April, it was fun and glad we visited.