Burnham Overy Staithe – Potential House


There is a potential rental house in Burnham Overy Staith. It is in a totally different area of where we were focusing on, however, it’s still very beachy as it’s VERY close to the coast and overall looks great.   It has 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Comes furnished, unfurnished or what we’d like which is partially furnished.  It would be great to go in with kids beds, bunk beds and some basic furniture already in the home.  It is also listed at 995, which we might be able to get a little lower.

We have sent a message to the listing house and should hear from them with a viewing soon.  Yes, we’d have to change Soren’s school, but he’d still be attending a small village school, but this time Burnham Market Primary school.  The area also has a lovely gourmet restaurant called The Hero., which is walking distance up the road and short walk to the sea front/small village.

The Burhams is the name given to the village grouped around the River Burn on the North Norfolk Coast. There is Burnham Market, the main village and is known as “Chelsea-on-sea” as it is full of trendy shops, similar to the ones down the Kings Road! Burnham Overy Staithe is on the coast and provides moorings and launching for boats. Burnham Thorpe is where Nelson grew up, with his father Rector of the local church. Burnham Overy Town, Burnham Deepdale and Burnham Norton are all small residential villages. The countryside around the Burnhams is very attractive, making walking between the villages a great thing to do on a nice day.


View the Webcam in Burnham Overy Staithe – situated on The Boathouse – it looks over the stunning Norfolk marshlands, with the sand dunes of Gun Hill in the distance.  It offers a unique perspective on the Norfolk coast, allowing you to observe the weather and tides throughout the day!

As today is Soren’s birthday and it’s warmer than it has been in along time (8C) with very sunny skies, we’re going to drive over this way, check out the area and then go to Hunstanton where we’ll go bowling!

View from back.
View of back yard from the top deck.
Top deck.
View of the back of the from the backyard.
Large, backyard, perfect for the kids.
Covered back deck area.
One bedroom – Keep the bed, get rid of the desk and chairs.
Another bedroom – keep the bed, get rid of the table and chairs.
Openness of the top floor family room  – will put a gate up and get rid of some furniture.
Soren’s bedroom – keep all the beds and dresser – get rid of the chairs.
Maebh’s bedroom, keep the bed, remove all other stuff.
Bathroom – no question, I’ll change up the blue seat!

Family bathroom
Port hole from the tiny room.
Long Living Area. at one end.
:Long Living Area from the other direction.  The windows down front are actually doors to the deck overlooking the backyard.
View from the side of the house towards the sea.

Sitting area = tv room – I think downstairs.
Open dining area off kitchen – might keep, might get rid of table & chairs.
View of open kitchen area, with dining & seating nook in corner.