Heudsen, Netherlands

After our boat trip in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, we went over to Heusden, (approx 16 km).  It is a fortified medieval village in the bank of the Maas, one of the three most important rivers of The Netherlands and the one that settles what is considered the South of the country.

The village is really cute – there are a few windmills along the eater’s edge, loads of boats coming & going. In the main area, is the Vismarkt full of restaurants with terraces packed full. 

While I do enjoy sitting outside on a terrace, I HATE cigarette smoke in my face especially while eating and/or with kids.  

As we were were walking around looking for a place for a drink and possibly food, Soren had a spontaneous nose bleed and it was gushing, so we entered the first place to get him into the bathroom and turned out to be a pancake house – de Pannekoekenbakker! Nothing for us but the kids were thrilled, pancakes again! This time they both opted for the pirate pancake!  And of course they each got some coins to use in the gift shop.

The streets and architecture of the houses and the shops were so nice.

Overall it was really nice and we will definitely come back again to explore the area more as we really didn’t get to do much this time.