A Weekend Away in Callantsoog

We just returned from a weekend away at a camping park in the North of the Netherlands with my father in law’s siblings & many of their children.  As all the arrangements were made by N’s aunt so there wasn’t much for us to do in terms but bring some stuff and arrive and enjoy ourselves.  (I should have brought my small nespresso coffee maker.  The coffee at the shop was terrible and I ended up with a headache for two days so if we ever return here, I’ll be sure to bring it!.) . Also when I say “camping”, it was more like an apartment so no camping whatsoever for us!

Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 11.25.44.png

The area highlighted in white on the coast in Callantsoog.

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Camping De Nollen

The property we stayed at is called De Nollen.  It is a 4-star campsite with various types of accommodations.  Pitches for campers, tents, trekker huts  which sleep both 4 & 5 (note these are without toilets), larger house with a double box spring and bunk beds (and toilet in the back) and static caravans.  When booking, you have the opportunity to choose the exact parking space you want  – close to the playground, showers, shop or far away from it.  Some family members brought their campers, others tents, others stayed in trekker huts, etc.

Our family stayed in a static caravan #K10 to be exact.  It was perfect for our two nights away!  I forgot to take a photo of the bathroom – but it was a stand up shower and a toilet & sink.  In addition there were two bedrooms, a living room with tv small kitchen, dining area – both inside and outside.  It was perfect – much better than a tent !

We had two goofballs – which wrapped themselves up in their sleeping bags 🙂




The camp site boasts tip top clean sanitary facilities, a small supermarket (which has very odd hours so I recommend you go the AH which is very close by and buy what you need), a large playground with a bouncy pillow and some small ones scattered around the park, craft and games room (inside), animation stage (outside), laundry room, reception with bike rental, snack bar “De Eetboy” with a play area,  a large lawn with beach volleyball and soccer field.

At check-in, there is the weekly program for the children’s entertainment (we didn’t use it but did see kids having run) and the Wi-Fi password.

Overall we had a great time here, but we did find it was missing a pool.  The camping site next door, Templehof had an indoor pool, so if we were to return to this area again, we’d probably opt to stay there only because at 9 & 11.5, they really LOVE to have a pool option on our trips!   I also checked – their pool is only for their guests so you cannot buy a day pass. 

Beautiful Callantsoog Beach

A beautiful beach is less than 2 km away.   The aunt arranged rented 21 bikes for our entire group – a short walk through the forest, to connect to the “Fietspad” (bike path).   So all families went off and did their own thing.  We did a bike ride for a bit and went to the beach.



The beach itself is beautiful … it’s a great walking beach.  On our first night, Friday – June 21st, our small group of three families left the park and drover over to  the beach bar Woest for some drinks and some nibbles – and it was my 45th birthday!









However, if you wanted to drive to the beach, that is no problem either. There are six large parking lots at various spots down in this part of the coast.  We found spots both on Friday night and Sunday before heading home and both times were GREAT weather so parking is not a problem.

At the beach, you will find beach pavilions where you can get ice cream, drinks, food and at some you can rent chairs, etc.   There is also a surf school and a section where you can learn to ride waves.  Note: Dogs are allowed on the beach.  Maebh loved watching them fetch the balls.  Soren in a past life was a Golden Retriever 🙂   On Sunday there were tons of jelly fish so it was impossible to swim.

On Saturday, after our bike ride, we ended up spending some time at the beach where the kids played in the water & sand.  We then ended up having drinks & lunch at De Stern Beach Pavillion.  It’s located on the same beautiful beach just up a bit further.







Nearby Area Attractions

We only spent two nights there, so we stayed local and enjoyed the together time with the family and the beach but a few google searches and you can find things to do.

Overall it was a great weekend away and it was great to see family members which we don’t often get to see.  I hope we repeat it again next year – only I do hope we go to a different place with a pool but (truthfully it wouldn’t be the end of the world to return here) and those who couldn’t make it can come this time.