Wedding @ De Woeste Hoeve

The main reason for our trip to The Netherlands was for Nils & I to attend a wedding. They chose to have a very, sweet & intimate wedding at a really nice venue called De Woeste Hoeve not far from Apeldorn.  The food was really really great too!!  Of course, all the speeches except Nils’ were in full Dutch, so I didn’t understand all of it but everyone was cheering and clapping, so I’m sure it was great.


The bride and groom arrived in Jaguar of the father, which he brought from UK, where he lives with his wife.






As the request was for the party to be child-free, we asked Nils’ second cousin,  to babysit the children back at our hotel from 5-11 pm or so – which worked out fine as at the end she returned with her parents who attended the wedding.  Both kids attended the ceremony and both fell asleep on our laps – so were very quiet and not bored at all.  For the first toast and set of drinks the the kids were there, so we took a few photos with the bride and  when the ‘party’ started we brought them back to the hotel with Femke where they ate dinner, played at the playground and watched Frozen.







I went home to he kids around 10:30 pm while Nils and the entire group went bowling at the hotel bar – and had a really late, but super fun night.