Ibiza: Santa Eulària des Riu

Another one of the areas which our family enjoys is the bigger town of Santa Eulària des Riu.  Here you can see it’s location on the map.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.45.36

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.45.51

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.46.11.png

We have a few favourite places for drinks like Kallisol, and food like Chicho’s Pizza and shops like Pacha and “Shop Santa Eulària” – aka Del Mar where we got Maebh water shoes last year and they got their fans this year. While the beach is small it has a great marina with tons of bars and cafes, clear water and a lovely promenade to walk both day and night. Here are some photos but now that my phone broke, I will have to update with those photos later, along with photos from Maebh’s camera.

A few streets  over from the shopping streets where you’ll find loads of boutiques, you’ll find a pretty promenade, where there are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes, plus a sandy beach – but to me it’s not the BEST beach around.   So if you wanted to choose a destination on the island based on the beach, this is NOT where I’d pick.  There are loads of hotels nearby but I’d say most rent apartments here.   There is also an exclusive marina with some nice boats and lovely cafes too!

Our first afternoon here we enjoyed happy hour cocktails …. which did my head in and had three days of migraines immediately after.

There is a kids playground just opposite the marina which the kids like.  There is a  Italian gelato place with wifi so that helps when the kids want to play and you need something to do too.

Or you can opt to do the mini exercise circuit in the path just next to the park.    But you won’t be able to see the kids… or you can opt to visit the brand new playground next door to the Mercadona just up past the large free car pack.  The kids LOVED it there!

Santa Eulalia Ferry provide a regular ferry service to Formentera – which we did from Ibiza city!  If I can find my photos from there, I’ll post them soon. 

Ibiza: Cala Llonga

It seems as if all these beaches are our favorite, but Cala Llonga is one of the best for kids.  It is a horseshoe shaped beach with two large resorts in both sides.


As for location, you can see on the map where it is exactly.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.06.10Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.06.21

Several restaurants and pubs in walking distance, plenty of self-catering apartments and the Sirenis Cala Llonga Resort is the all-inclusive hotel  up on the left which has a lot of great family friendly-activities including kids clubs, shows, etc  Like the Iberostar hotels we stayed at in the Dominican Republic only with the space the pool is not the amazing pools you have in the DR.  Anyway, I would LOVE to stay there with the kids.  I think the other on the opposite side is a Palladium and is an adults-only resort – it was at one time.

We probably have a connection here as this was the first location in Ibiza I stayed like 13 years ago!

Ibiza: Collection of Misc Photos

The rest here are just a collection or rather a dump of a lot of photos from our trip to Ibiza. It’s far too much time to write something about each photo nor do I want to give each area it’s own post.

Playground near the Mercadonna supermarket just after Santa Eulalia – brand new and a favorite of the kids.

We drove to the highest point on Ibiza.  Was not very comfortable with the drive up but managed.

We took a drive over to Playa Den Bossa … the entire area is nothing special and we’d never have to return… but there was one cool place  – an uber trendy, chic hotel with lounge area.  Nothing for Nils and I with the kids (or without kids), but I did find it cool.

Ibiza: Cala San Vincent

Today we stopped over at one of our favourite beaches.  Located towards the north of the island, you’ll see it on the map.  For some reason this area attracts a lot of Italian families.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.12.55Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 15.13.06

It was a wind from the North so it was a but chilly but when the sun returned it was better!  Clearly the kids are not bothered wearing just his shirt.   In case you are wondering, it is only May so the warmth you get in the summer is not yet arrived so that is why there are not many people on the beach.  

We had to make a stop in the Dutch bar – Chill Out On the Beach.  One of my other  favorite places.  Of course, full of Dutch but then again, my entire in law family is Dutch so I don’t mind it and helps with mine and the kids’ understanding of the language.  Soren is really trying to speak more Dutch!   Never know, we might end up living there one day.

Oh and there is a really good looking Dutch guy who works there so that is always a plus!



Ibiza: Cala Llyena Beach Picnic

Today we had a picnic at Cala Llyena after walking around the market (car boot sale). Soren purchased sunglasses fit for a cool dude.  My guess is they will be broken before the end of our trip.  Sounds harsh, but the reality is that our kids and sunglasses don’t last long.  

Nils purchased Maebh a “homemade” hulu hoop for €8. Can you say SUCKA!!   Though she loves it – it won’t come home on the plane and well, nuff said.





I bought a turkish beach mat and a pair of earrings – both for €2 each.  (photos to come)

The beach was great, no jellyfish but again, all Dutch and we were with 11 Dutch,  two 1/2 Dutch slash American kids and me, am American. 😉 oefening, oefening, oefening!


Great beach with a chiringquito where we the kids enjoyed an ice cream later.

Ibiza: Cala Valdella

Today we left the house in San Carlos with the expectation of rain so myself and Soren we’re in jeans. Little did we know we’d end up in a really warm beach in the south called Cala Valdela, where it was full Summer and full of Dutch (and jellyfish)!  There were others there in pants/long tops too, but now we’re going to always bring beach bag in the car while here on vacation.  Plus it’s supposed to warm up next week.

The red dot on the map is where it is located on the island.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 14.53.36

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 14.57.06.png

Anyway wearing jeans it was a bit difficult to fully enjoy the beach but after an ice cream, Soren and Maebh found some German friends called Samuel and Ada to play football for a bit.

We visited this beautiful beach last year and if no jellyfish, it’s one to return to again. Plenty of lovely cafes (even one with a bouncy castle), cocktail bars, supermarkets and ice cream stalls around.

Jellyfish galore hence why no one was in the water!

Man selling “genuine fake” goods!


We sat in the cafe Bon Sol – which had the BEST Bella pizza! If you click on that link you’ll get the webcam.



Fast forward to Friday, we returned to take advantage of a bit of sun before the rain.  Sadly, way too many jellyfish to enjoy the water.

Soren then had a good hour and a half playing football with a Dutch boy called Boas and Italian boy named Jean Luca.   They both had some good moves but Soren held his own and scored some goals too!

Then there was the mandatory ‘baseball’ game, paddles and catch.

While there were too many jellyfish to swim this time, this is a part of the Island which we’d love to visit again – even stay.