Seaglass Hunting on Killiney Beach walk & Killiney Hill Playground

On Sunday, we had a short stroll on Killiney Beach looking for sea glass and the kids playing a bit of football.  The beach is very rocky and personally not one that I’d fine enjoyable for swimming (I have sensitive feet and hate stepping on rocks with bare feet) but its is full of interesting shaped stones.

After we took the kids to Killiney Hill Playground.  While it’s more suitable for younger kids, the views of Howth and Dun Laoghaire are beautiful and they did have some fun.
Finally, we drove over to Dun Laoghaire to walk around a bit. We stumbled upon People’s Park market which I loved -food trucks galore and artisan food.

I’d love to have this on my doorstep each Sunday. We’ll surely be back here!!

Rhode Island: Beavertail Lighthouse day trip

My parents, the kids & I took a trip down to Rhode Island to visit Hanaki, Kayla and Jeff.  We first stopped at their house to see their pets – which include two birds and three cats – so the kids loved it.

The green bird was cute but the grey one, Paco, was the star of the show.  He dances and makes sounds – but I didn’t quite get him to say hello. I have a video of him, so when I have time I’ll post that too, but for now here are some photos of them.

After we had lunch stuff our faces, at Chello’s before heading down to Jamestown, RI to Beavertail Lighthouse.  It’s the third oldest lighthouse in America.  When it’s open (from mid-June onward) you can climb up the center of the tower and enter the museum to see how life was in the late 1800’s.

Afterwards we stopped at a beach to collect sea glass before heading home.  Such enormous, beautiful homes overlooking the Narraganset Bay. It was too cold for Maebh, so she spent the time in the car, but Soren was helpful and found loads of pieces with Kayla.

Boston, MA: New England Aquarium

The kids and I met up with Erica, Jonah and Julia at the New England Aquarium.  As she’s a member, admission was FREE.

Part of the adventure was taking the bus and blue line into Boston.  We had planned on meeting at 10:15 am at the entrance so we left my parent’s house around 9:30 am.  As we quickly walked down to the bus stop, we were so lucky that within minutes of arriving at the stop, the bus arrived.  The Orient Heights train station is completely renovated but super easy to use and again, within minutes, the train arrived and we were off five stops to Aquarium.

As Maebh’s favorite building in London is Big Ben, I knew she’d love the Custom House – Boston’s landmark which is a clock tower. So when we came out of the blue line station at Aquarium, there it was for her to see.

There are some seals on display outside, which the kids loved &I think the seals love the attention.

Inside there has been many changes since we were there last.  Starting with the Shark & Sting Ray touch tank. They allow you to put your hand in (keeping it still) and as the rays swim by you can pat them.  Both Soren & Jonah LOVED this part.  At one time Johan had his hand under and it was sucking on his arm.  Maebh said she did it, but putting her hand outside, but she was not yet

Downstairs was a section for jelly fish – which I thought was pretty cool.  Some were so beautiful.

As the kids were walking by the penguins, some educators were there giving a very detailed explanation to both Soren & Jonah about how too much carbon effects the waters and ultimately softens the shells of crabs and other sea creatures.

The giant tank in the center of the aquarium was closed for a year while they make the side windows larger and better for kids to view. They also created a viewing platform at the top which allows for a better place to view and learn about the tank during educational talks and demonstrations.  They have a talk with the divers who have microphones and cameras on them which project up on the screen.   They took the sharks out and have them in a holding tank nearby until something is changed with the water.

My favorites in the tank are the sea turtles – including Myrtle The Turtle.

Jonah loved the puffer fish and Soren thought the “brain plant” was cool.

We saw the seal show out the backside which was fun.  Their microphones were broken so we couldn’t actually hear a demonstration but were able to watch.  One hilarious thing was that Ursula often plays with her “favorite toy”.

The boys were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors while we waited.  Note the little Japanese tourist boy looking on.  Speaking of Japanese tourists, when we were walking from the T stop to the Aquarium a whole group of tourists were looking at Maebh and pointing.

We checked out other exhibits like the electric eel (Jonah’s favorite), the penguins, touch tank where they could touch anemones and starfish.  It was there which they showed us a rope which they took from Boston Harbor and on it were live creatures called a tunicates, etc.

We had our lunch outside at picnic tables when all of  a sudden two helicopters flew over and then again, two Chinooks.

Erica was so nice to buy the kids something special in the gift shop, which they both chose the bubble guns. Huge hit and they love them!

After we took the blue line to the orange line to the green line and out to Cleveland Circle near Boston Collage for a ride home from my parents as they were getting out of work at 3:20 pm.

Awesome day had by all!

Boston, MA: Harborfest – July 4th week celebrations around Boston

We were able to get out and enjoy some of Harborfest, which is a favorite yearly destination for 4th of July festivities taking place in and around Boston’s City Hall. The 31st Anniversary celebrations run from June 28th-July 4th 2012.

Here are a bunch of photos we took out and about.  We walked from Aquarium to Black Falcon Pier – so it was a LONNNNG walk, which Maebh slept the ENTIRE time.

Part of it was OpSail Boston 2012

We are excited to be welcoming the ships of the War of 1812 Bicentennial Commemorations for the July 4th week. The international tall ships, active Navy ships, and ships of America’s coalition partners will be on display in Boston and will serve as the centerpiece for the commemoration festivities. The tall ships remind us of the vital role that our own USS Constitution played in The War of 1812, which was the last war fought under sail. We are truly looking forward to a successful event in partnership with Operation Sail and the US Navy for this historic milestone.

  • USCG Barque Eagle

    290-foot long globetrotting ambassador & sail training ship of U.S. Coast Guard

    Location: Charlestown

  • Cisne Branco

    249-foot long full-rigged tall ship of Brazil, is from Rio de Janeiro.

    Loation: Fish Pier

  • Dewaruci

    Owned and operated by the Indonesian Navy and built as a sail training vessel.

    Loation: Fish Pier

  • Gloria

    She is the official flagship and sail training vessel of the Colombian Navy.

    Loation: Fish Pier

  • Guayas

    257-foot long tall ship of Ecuador, trains and preps cadets for sailing.

    Loation: Fish Pier

Dates & Location

June 30th – July 5th, 2012
Boston’s Seaport District
+ Fish Pier – Boston Seaport District
+ North Jetty
+ Black Falcon Terminal
Charlestown Navy Yard
Click Here for a complete schedule of events.


Cape Cod, MA: Take II – Father’s Day Weekend

I scored a wicked cheap deal on offers for a two night motel stay for $105~~ yes, $105 not per night but for TWO nights FRIDAY & SATURDAY – unheard of!!

As expected the hotel was no frills, just basic motel but the kids loved it.  It had an indoor & outdoor pool but that was too cold still this time of year.  We’d have to wait until August to go in that.  They had a blast in the indoor pool though.  Soren actually (with the help of arm floaties) was able to swim around on his own.

We’re actually all Cape Codded out but had a great time nonetheless!

Welcome to Cape Cod – Sagamore Bridge – Traffic free!  Always a good start to a trip to the Cape\
Cape Cod National Seashore – Wellfeet Beach, Calhoon  
Beachcomber, Welfleet – home of the BEST margarita

Watch me toss this sand, Mom!
Handsome boy at Race Point Beach, Provincetown
Good Bye Blue Balloon. Mean parent made them go away.  (Choking hazard and driving distraction!)
A lone picnic table, at a beautiful beach
Pretty Flowers and old fence – Cape Cod National Seashore
Mama’s Margarita – of course!
Welfleet Beach
Obsessed with Bubbles
Mac’s Seafood Shack  – a must try next time
I forget the name of this lighthouse, but it was pretty.
Uncle Nick’s Bridge, Welfleet
Coast Guard Beach
Coast Guard Beach
The sign says it all – Cape Cod National Seashore
Cute Cape House in Chatham
I can’t hear you
Seal Watching, Chatham
Seal Watching, Chatham
Train Tracks
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Ready for the pool
Slide at hotel
Soren helping Maebh.  Sure enough, the moment he moved his hand, she lost her footing and fell backwards down that hole and hit her head.  Probably a 2.5 foot drop.  Poor little girl, but she was okay.
Yummy Arugala Salad Pizza, Hyannis
Laughing girl
Peek – A – Boo with Soren
Playing with food, yes, blowing bubbles
Music at Mullen Playground, Falmouth
Awesome Climbing wall at Mullen Park, Falmouth
Monkey Bars
Back and Forth, Back and Forth
Papa’s favorite – Triumph TR3A
Mom Loves this one
My favorite car has Fire on it
Maebh’s favorite
Another favorite of mom
Fun car
Nice woody wagonee
Huge Flag at the Hyannis Father’s Day Auto Show
Nice car for Papa
Look the “lemon from Cars2”
Soren likes cars with fire
love, love, love
Air hockey vs Maebh
Air Hockey vs. Rara, (Soren)
Mama’s here to help
Soren showing Maebh how it’s done
Auto Rijden
Funny Girl
The boy is obsessed with Fire Poles
Me and the kids – so look like my parents here.
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Boardwalk, Sandwich, MA (or Barnestable??)
Another fire pole
Fun at a playground
Looking for “Ra Ra” or Soren (static started)
Love the face
On the edge at Welfleet – huge cliffs
Sand play – Race Point Beach, Provincetown.
Chilly but we did see seals.
Hi Mum!
Scary Drag Queen Michael Jackson
I don’t mind it, Nils hates it.
Watch  me eat this lemon
Oh it’s strange…
Ewww my mouth.  Wanna try Maebh?