Wicklow Way Christmas Tree Farm

Every December, buying our Christmas tree is a major event in our house.  Okay when I think about it more, it is ME which makes it a bigger deal than it and I love the memories it brings for me and the kids.  As a child, we never cut down our tress – we just bought  one from the local seller and brought it home and put it up.  I have no cozy memories of tree farms  and I want that for my little ones.


Our first year in Dublin, we set out on an adventure to cut down our own tree and ended up at Slade Valley Christmas Tree Farm. and it was brilliant.  The tree was lovely and I want a good experience again this year with a bit more atmosphere.  You can’t beat a real tree which we pick out, cut down and enjoy in our home.  Plus a real, freshly-cut tree looks and smells great.

Only this year we will try a different tree farm in the Wicklow Mountains – Wicklow Way Tree Farm in Roundstone.  Their  website looks great, clearly a full campaign was put in place.  If for some reason we could not find it, there are several in Wicklow so I’m sure it would be fine.

While it seems far, the drive from our house was just over 1 hour so not bad at all and we were into the mountains.  There was a bit of snow the night before and much more expected Sunday along with the fact that Nils is heading to the US for a week, we took advantage of this one day we had to get the tree in the mountains.

Once we reached Roundstone it was very easy to find our way – these blue signs lead us right to the farm.



The farm was lovely – the staff was very friendly and informative and the instructions were clear.  Tag the tree, flag down a guy in blue and then relax and warm up while they cut down.  We parked the car and got out wellies on as the ground was very mucky and wet.  It wasn’t even 5 minutes before the kids noticed the white fluffy snow which fell last night and they were off and going crazy in it.



We walked a while trying to find the right tree… kids played with the snow while I keep searching for the right one.  A few measurements and we found one that we all liked.


After Soren watched the man cut down our tree, we had complimentary hot chocolate and minced pies & treats while we waited for our tree to be brought down from the field and a net put around it.


Overall the experience was great – we’d highly recommend this tree farm to anyone who is looking to go pick out your own tree.  The cost was very reasonable too at £8. a foot, you can choose how much you want to spend.

Only problem is that our tree this year is a bit taller than before so I don’t have enough lights to cover it so tomorrow, we’ll go buy more led bright lights to add to it.

Will post a photo when completed with loads of new glass ornaments.

And the final decorated tree.

Ireland Road Tripping: Brittas Bay County Wicklow

As the weather was pretty good on Saturday, we decided to head toward Wicklow and if we all agreed, we’d stop at a beach.  We love the Wicklow Mountains and so figured let’s head that way.  Next time I want to check out the Indian Sculpture Park.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 15.30.37.png

Nils read that the Silver Strand was great, so we set off for that but then when we arrived at the sign we had to enter through a caravan park.  Not sure what it was like and knowing we were only going to be there for an hour or so (if that) and as it was already 2 pm in the afternoon, we decided to skip paying the 10. parking fee.   Instead, we drove on about 20 minutes and stopped at Brittas Bay Beach which was a really lovely, blue flag beach.  It had a maned lifeguard station and toilets in the car park.   A short walk from the car park, we were at a nice open beach which was not busy.   Immediately, our kids were into the water and running about.

And as an added bonus, the RNLI came ashore, spoke with our two lifeguards and took off again.

I myself was not prepared for a swimming day as I thought it was going to rain, I never thought we’d make it to the beach.  A bit stupid of me, but then again the water was a bit cold, I probably wouldn’t have gone in anyway.  Instead, I could sit and watch the kids enjoy themselves. Maebh has a love hate relationship with the sand – one minute she is making sand angels the next she is complaining her hands and face were covered with wet sand.    She always hated sand in her toes – here is a photo of her when she was just two…she sat at Good Harbour Beach in Gloucester picking the sand out from between her toes until she took off her pants and splashed in the water.  LOL


Overall that beach was nice and while I wouldn’t drive from Dublin just to go to that beach for the day, as there are some great beaches on our doorstep, but if we are in Wicklow again, we’d stop there. Well worth the 4.00 car parking/entrance fee, which goes to the car park, toilets and lifeguard station.

As Maebh fell asleep we took the long route via the mountains and into South Dublin and stopped at The Bath Pub in Sandymount for a beer and pizza from Base – AMAZING pizza.  We “celebrated” my turning 41 and Father’s Day together. Only problem was we were still hungry and could have had a third pizza.  The waiter was a lousy salesman, said we should only get two vs three.  🙂   Glad we don’t live walking distance from there as the pub would be a local favorite and for now we keep it special.