Schloss Wissen, Weeze, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

As our family didn’t have any plans with the extended family over the Easter weekend, we decided to drive a bit over an hour and head west into Germany and spend one night away.  Our plan was that we’d spend Easter Sunday at Irrland in Kevelaer, Germany – Europe’s biggest “Farm – Adventure Oasis” which was a lot of fun and book a hotel nearby.  Come Monday, the second Easter day, we’d just go around locally – perhaps visit Archäologischer Park Xanten Eingang LVR-Römermuseum for the day and then make our way home.  While the kids were off for two full weeks, N had to work on Tuesday.











In looking at the hotels nearby Irrland, the main reason we went to Germany, we found Schloss_Wissen_Hotellerie and decided that would be where we would stay.   It was a beautiful location on the grounds of a real German castle which is over 555 years old.  But as the castle is a private residence,  you are not allowed into it, but you can walk the grounds. There are multiple bike paths that go through the grounds if you wish to walk or bring your bike. I read somewhere they have some bikes you could borrow – not sure if that is still the case – do ask, if interested. 


As for the facilities – they offer a buffet breakfast at 15. per person which we politely declined.  We did go into the historical, lovely old town of Xanten instead and had breakfast at Cafe Moll am Dom which I will make a separate post about that cute town and Kevelaer, Germany soon. Personally, I like to see a breakfast included in the price of hotels when the price point is over 100 per night stay like it is in Ireland (guess we’re spoiled with so many weekends away).   Anyway,  I understood it was a buffet breakfast of coffee/tea, juice, pastry, some breads, sandwich meats and a boiled eggs.  At a price of 60 for our family for just breakfast, I’d like a bigger, better set up with more choice.    Plus I know my kids… M will have a croissant with jam or a single bowl of corn flakes and a glass of juice – so I’d rather not pay 15 for just that.  Hopefully I am not the only person who thinks this is not good value?  Bueller, Bueller?  Someone please tell me I’m not the only one!

There is no bar or restaurant onsite and it is quite remote (read: you must have a car to get around) but again for us it was only for one night, so we didn’t really care too much about the hotel facilities.  We try to book hotels with a pool and a bar onsite but this time we didn’t care – as we knew we were not going to be using it and it was for only one night.     They do offer a park and fly deal for those traveling out of Weeze – so that might be handy… but see my warning below first before you book.

About our specific room – Alexandrina.  The room was clean, spacious had a pull out sofa for the budgies and a room for the adults.  The TV was upstairs however in a loft – I would have preferred it to be downstairs so we could have lounged around a bit as a family.

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I had two complaints about the hotel which would prevent us from staying here again – but for others it might not bother them.

1). The pillows.  While feather, they were so thin, I couldn’t get comfortable.  I had to take ALL the towels from the bathroom, fold them and put them inside my pillow case to make the pillow thicker.

2) Ringing bells from the clock tower.   My kids and hubby slept through it but for me, I didn’t sleep well at all… each time I finally fell asleep, BONG, I woke to bells ringing – it did my flipping head in!!  I personally am a light sleeper, so for me this was so hard.  I had the same issue during Xmas at the Zaltbommel apartment – The clock rang every quarter of an hour and chimes the number of hours on the hour, day and night, 7 days a week .  Again these issues were my issues and for others might not bother them at all.  I am sure others who live near a church are used to it… my in laws live opposite a church they are used to it – but for me, I HATE it! 🙂   It can’t be just me who cannot deal with the bells?!  

Perhaps if our room was located in a unit not as close to the tower that would be better.  I don’t know… I just didn’t sleep and when Mama doesn’t sleep, the next day is a bad day for all 🙂 



Their website is only in German and Dutch but you can see the room options and details and use google translate tool if you don’t understand either of these languages and want to get some history about the castle and specifically about each room and see more about the hotel and what it offers.