Christmas Market: Aachen, Germany

Today we drove over to Aachen, Germany, to visit the Christmast Market (Kerstmarkt).  It is only about an hour from where we are staying in the Netherlands for our Christmas holidays.  It was a lovely atmosphere even with the added security of the armed officers whose cars blocked the entrance streets due to the Berlin Christmas terrorist event yesterday!  Thankfully once in, you don’t feel the added security  – yet I’m sure they were there.  Unlike in Antwerp, Belgium where you just feel totally creepy  the entire time – well, at least I did.

The kids enjoyed hot chocolate in little boots which they were able to take home from the Hexenhof (Witch farm). As all the 2016 cups were sold out so they requested 2017 instead of 2015.   ( Update – I ended up giving them away to the charity shop but people collect them over the years.  Imagine – two from every year – CLUTTER! 🙂


Curry worst – yucky!

We shared pomme fritte – yummy first the first few then way too much.

We stopped in a cute bar, Domkeller for a pint!  From outside it was really cute and had Erdinger Weiss bier on tap!  A score for me – especially this time of year. 

Maebh had a ride on the carousel but chose to ride on the bike!

As with all markets there are loads of cute things to buy, yet nothing you really need.




The streets were all lit up and very cute.  I love walking around taking photos of the buildings and things.

Not sure if we will visit any other Christmas Markets – perhaps today in Den Haag or Den Bosch. We will definitely go ice skating!

We popped by Eindhoven for a few minutes and had a lompia.

Maybe one day we’ll live in NL and could enjoy these Christmas markets more but for now, they are super special for us as we live in Ireland and it’s a real treat to be able to be in Germany and visit them.