Quinny Strollers – We LOVE them!!

Over 5 years ago, my in-laws (and family) threw us a really great big baby shower when they were living in Marblehead, MA.   At that time, we received so many great gifts for our soon-to-be-baby and an amazing Quinny Buzz – which I loved and used daily for 5 years (between the two kids)!   It went everywhere with us, Spain, Belgium, Holland and USA and was really a great buggy, but over time wore down and needed some parts, etc and it didn’t have much life left unless we invested at least $100  in it.   Keep in mind at this time – most American’s didn’t spend so much money on strollers so this was HUGE deal!

Then I needed wanted a more compact, lighter weight stroller and preferred to stick with the brand Quinny – so I got a Quinny Zapp.  It folds down to be the smallest, most compact stroller out there and rides nicely.  When we moved to the UK we decided not to take both strollers and only the Zapp. We gave the Buzz to a friend to fix up and use for their expecting baby.

Now, as I’m here in the UK and while we don’t use the buggy daily, some days Maebh and I walk 20 minutes or so to the town center (cobblestone streets) and around on rough terrain, my Zapp just isn’t cutting it.  A new friend I met here has the Quinny Freestyle and likes it a lot.  I don’t want to spend much money on a big buggy, especially where Maebh is going to school in September daily from 9-12 pm, so I looked on Gumtree.com {UK version of Craigslist.com} but didn’t find anything, I liked.  I then looked at Marktplaats.nl, the Dutch site, and as Quinny is Dutch, there are TONS of used Quinny Freestyles out there.  I even found one that is from the town that my sister-in-law & family lives and it is listed for sale at only 20!! Trouble is that we’re in UK, but they are planning to come here next week so I am trying to see if the owner and my brother-in-law can work out a viewing and purchase if it fits in their car.  I really really hope it works as I know we can’t find this quality buggy for that price here and I really want a bigger, more off-road buggy.

Just heard from my brother-in-law that the he viewed it and purchased it for only €10! Great!!  He said the fabric needs a good wash and some rust on the wheels due to keeping it outside.  But I’m felling pretty confident that I can fix it up with some steel wool & armor all type cleaner.   This blog post talked about taking your stroller from shabby-to-chic again, so I’m hopeful I can do the same with this buggy!

Guy Fawkes Night & Fireworks – November 5, 2012

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes Night in Great Britain and each village school hosts their annual fundraiser with centered around a huge bonfire and extravagant fireworks display.  They sold popcorn, hotdogs, jacketed potatoes and other treats.  Naturally they didn’t serve beer, wine nor mulled wine so I think the rest of the family was a bit bummed 🙂 The kids were extremely excited to get to attend despite the wet weather but mother nature was on our side as it didn’t rain during the two hour event.

The fireworks were really great.  Soren and Maebh were shocked when they went off and both immediately went into shock screaming and crying.  Soren was fine as long as I held my hands over his hat and ears.  Maebh refused to look at them and finally came around but only after a long while.

Bridle Path Walk – Gunthorpe

After a BIG delicious Irish Breakfast of fried egg, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomato, black and white Clonakillty puddings, we thought it would be nice to take a walk.  Despite it being a bit wet, we took a walk up to the Bridle path in Gunthorpe.  Not knowing how far we’d get, we kept going.  The kids really enjoyed it and so did I.  (I assume Nils did, but he did have Maebh on his shoulders for a while!)   Maebh was a bit wet, cold and miserable, but once the rain stopped, she really enjoyed herself and become cheerful. Soren was having a great time jumping in muddy puddles and following “clues” which were horse shoe prints.

There were no cows in our path but a meadow of sheep.  We didn’t see any wild animals but we did see woman on her horse and two black labs running alongside, but she turned off the path when she saw us. I assumed she saw little children and thought it would be safer to avoid going by us.  I really wanted to get a good photo of her on the horse, but with it being so wet, I left my SLR camera at home.  Sadly for me the battery ran out on our trip before we got the “family photo” we wanted to get at the end..

Along the path were some blackberries, raspberries and poison ivy.

Our conclusion, we’ll be back but we really have to get some proper rain gear being that we live in the UK, the land of the rain. 🙂

Maebh and Nils starting the trek
Soren’s ready to go.
I’m ready to go.
Soren took this photo of me in my parka! 🙂
All feet in.
Kissie, Kissie
Mummy the Yeti!
In heaven – Muddy Puddles
Cold, wet and miserable
Down the path
St. Mary’s Church, Gunthorpe.  The kids call it a “CASTLE”
A “clue” – aka Horse Shoe print in the mud
Now we’re having fun.
Entering Gunthorpe – Drive SLOOOWWWLY
A bunch of Sheep
Staring at the kids due to their baaaaaing.
The view seen by the SHEEP!
Clare Cottage – Cute little place up the street from us.

Final Days As Tourists in Boston Before We Move

Today was Nils’ turn to do some immigration things – his bio metrics (finger prints) in Boston.  So we all took a trip in and made a day out of it.  We had some fun at the Boston Common playground, Boston Public Garden, a few rides on the MBTA and then a walk through Downtown Crossing to find him some shoes (unsuccessful) and then a trip over to Fenway park to get Nils a new Red Sox hat. [Also unsuccessful due to head size issues ;)].

Here are tons of photos of the kids having a lot of fun, as usual.

Playground fun
She was telling me the froggie goes swimming with goggles.
Look at me, give you a heart attack as I climb up here.
Fun on a carousel
Carousel – named Clunker Stripes
More fun on Cluncker Strips ??
Hold on tight
Riding Klagen
Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings
Bridge at Public Garden
Look Mom, no hands
Listening to the bagpipes and watching chipmunks (squirrels)

Slide Fun

Kentucky Derby Party: 2011

Yesterday, we attended the annual Kentucky Derby party in Greenland, NH.  It was a lot of fun, but we admittedly no longer go crazy with our hats to win.  We figure we did that enough and now we let the “new” people win.   I picked up my nice read hat for $3.00 and Nils went without a hat, but managed to put on the blue one we had from 2009.   I’ll try and dig up photos from our first year, where I had this impressive “cake” looking hat.

The Host Family
One of the winners – $10 bet got her $230!  17/1
Err.. this guy bet on EVERY horse to guarantee a win!  Fool! 🙂 
Our Hats from 2009

Our hats from 2007??

Soren aka Messi’s first say as a Football star!

Today Soren aka Messi started his football aka soccer class.  It consists of him, one girl and about 9 other boys of which THREE are named Jackson.  He had a GREAT time.  Scoring goals, hand/eye coordination, listening, kicking, and lots of basic rules like NO HANDS, which is not always followed 🙂   It was a lot of fun.

Holding Maebh some of the videos were a bit wobbly but nonetheless I captured some really great views of him thoroughly enjoying himself.

As you’ll see, he was wearing his Messi outfit and everyone got a kick out of him.  The “coach” wears a MAN UNITED Jersey – and another Mom said, oh yeah, Man U.  Of course, being the wife of Nils, I said, ah Manu U blah! 🙂

Here are a series of photos and videos taken today, the first day of his Football career 🙂

This video is cute.  “Mum, I did it!”

More Goal practice 

I LOVE THIS ONE… They all know the color of “their” hula hoop.  Soren’s is green!
Practicing the Obstacle Course
You get the idea.  I’ll spare you from the other 20 videos I took  🙂

I’m pretty happy as Nils has every other Friday off and this class is on Fridays at 11 am so he’ll get to enjoy this next week with us.