Updates leading up to giving birth

Monday, March 29th
This morning, I woke up with wet pants and had a slight tinge of color when I peed.  As I had already had an appointment scheduled for today, I figured we’d discuss it at the visit.  When I arrived, they took a swab and looked at it under the magnifying glass, but it was not AF (amniotic fluid).  Probably just starting of the bloody show from the cervix.  I also said the baby was not moving as much so they sent me along to MGH Boston for a NST (Non-stress Test) for the fetus.  They simply hooked my belly up to a monitor to count movement and the heartbeats during the movement.  As long as the heartbeat went up by 15 beats at least two times in 20 minutes, we’re fine.  Sure enough, we were fine!

So we continue to wait – baby is still breech.   I’m having a bit of regret that I didn’t “TRY” to move it, then at the same time, I hear horror stories of the pain and stress caused to the moms and babies.    If he/she has not turned itself, that is because there is a reason, right???

Friday, April 2nd
A couple of days ago I started losing little pieces of my mucus plug, but nothing new to report today.   Same old same old. … baby is still breech and we’re just waiting for any signs of labor to start.

My mom’s birthday is Monday, April 5th – she’ll be 60 and Nils’ birthday is Wednesday, where he’ll 34 this year.  It could be fun to deliver on one of their dates or not?

It’s 11:49 am on Monday, April 5th
Today is my mother’s 60th birthday and on Wednesday is Nils’ 34th.  Imagine if the baby was born right between?  Well anyway, I am not feeling so well.  Aside from terrible heartburn, I’m having some belly pains.  I have been laying in bed for the past two hours, not being able to sleep.  My lower abdomen has been cramping up.  It’s similar to Braxton Hicks, but these are more painful.   I also did have a slightly slimy red bloody thing a few minutes ago after I peed.  Oh and I had to change my pants I was wearing as they were quite wet.  But I am 99% sure it was not enough to say my water broke vs. a  little pee.

I just had a painful moment that lasted about 30 seconds,   I’m going to try to time them more to see if I’m developing a pattern.  Maybe there is an iPhone application for that?

Soren is fast asleep and if this is, I’m going to have to call and get my mother over here asap so we can get to MGH.

Ok well, I’m going to try and lay down and see if I can get a little rest in case this is it.  Oh and Nils just came out to say, I can’t go into labor yet as he has not yet had his Pupu Platter from Lucky Garden complete with chicken wings which he eats with his fingers and licks.  GROSS!!

C-Section Scheduled – Monday, April 12th

Based on the baby still being breech on Thursday (and today) my OB went ahead and scheduled me to have a c-section on Monday, April 12. She truly believes a version is not the best option, as it really can cause strain on the baby and often ends in an emergency C=section. She also said per the U/S, I was measuring ahead one week so they also moved my due date to be April 15th.

When I arrive at 6 am, they are going to do another U/S. If the baby did move to head down, they’ll induce and I’ll have he/she vaginally. If not, they’ll go ahead and perform the c-section at 8:30 am. I’m hoping for the vaginal delivery but have accepted this might not be the case.

That day of the birth and day I come home, we’ll have coverage for my son and Nils will take the day off work, but I’m trying to plan for help for the following week. I understand I will stay in the hospital until Friday, providing there are no complications.

I asked how soon could you breastfeed after the c-section and my OB said I should be able to do it within an hour of being back in my room. I’m happy about that too!

35 weeks, 1 day – Baby is STILL Breech but has changed positions

We just returned from an ultrasound at MGH where we were told the baby is still in Breech position, with the head in the middle of my belly between my breasts, back on the left side, bum on the pelvic bone and feet and arms along the right side.  That explains why I feel sudden sharp pains down there, almost like a foot can come out, its because the foot IS down there.

So now we wait.  I will return to my OB on Monday, March 22 for my weekly appointment. At that appointment, she’s going to recommend we schedule the elective C-Section at 39 weeks and hope the baby changes position and we go into labor on our own.  Should we go into labor before the scheduled date, they’ll check via either an ultrasound or depending on how much I’ve dialated they can feel if it’s the head or the bum.  From there they’ll decide if we have an emergency C-Section or deliver vaginally.  I dread a C-Section!

34 weeks and 5 days – update on baby’s position.

I just returned from my OB appointment.

My Dr. said she couldn’t confirm it was either breech or face down based on the heartbeat or by feeling it, so I have an ultrasound on Thursday to see.

Her recommendation was that if the baby was breech then, we schedule a c-section for 39 weeks but hope the baby moves head down and I go into natural birth.

Her professional opinion is that she is not a huge fan of trying to move the baby via version. She feels more than 50% don’t move and it can cause a lot of pain and stress on the baby.

So now we wait and see.

Soren’s Birth

While it is EIGHT (8) years later, I just found an old online collection of photos of Soren’s birth at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

I will go back in an update the text but for now, here are some photos from the first days.





































Our first child

Just found a folder on my laptop with tons of photos of Soren’s birth and a bit of text about our experience having our first child, a boy.     I’ll put them here but not write a big big post about it.  Maybe I will one day but not now.

After a long labor, we welcomed Soren Chead into this world today!     Some of the highlights:

  • The gender was a surprise – we chose NOT to find out like so many others do.
  • I labored for 24 hours at home in my chair – in a load of pain before I sent into the hospital to continue to labor again for a LONG time.  I remember the hospital saying “don’t come in, we’ll send you home“!
  • Nils ordered a Pupu Platter from the local Chinese takeaway and proceeded to eat chicken wings from the bone in front of me as I gagged and came so close to throwing up – torture, I tell you!! 🙂
  • I had a second epidural as the first one didn’t work.
  • The Dr. came in and told me I was ready to push.   First thing I did was throw up as I was nervous.
  • When the baby’s head was crowning, the Dr. asked if I wanted to touch the baby’s head – but I replied -“don’t I have to wash my hands first!” LOL

January 27, 2008  4:52 pm
7.6 pounds and 21.5 inches long

The two wonderful nurses who helped us with the baby!