Aviva Stadium: Ireland vs. Uraguay

Yesterday we took the kids to see the friendly fixture against Uraguay as part of the 2018 World Cup series the the Aviva Stadium.   Luis Suarez played for like 10 minutes – probably part of his “contract fulfillment”.

We all first met up at the Bloody Stream for a couple pints then headed in on the DART – Howth to Landsdown Road (super easy!). Funniest thing is Soren was at a playdate earlier so he didn’t join us until the Sutton stop.

I have never been there before so was happy that we all went together.   We will do a stadium tour another time.  The stadium is beautiful, new, loads of bars, food stands.  Speaking of stands and bars – there was a rule you could not bring your beer to the stands!  They loosened up the rule in the second half.  But as I am a self-professed​ beer snob, I would not waste my money. Plus, I had two Hoegardens already at The Bloody Stream.

In order to sit together, we swapped our tickets with another coach, so our tickets were in premium section 324 which was great but the rest if the group was up in 511, we moved 1/2 way thru. There the kids would be with their pals and it made going home a lot easier.

On the DART on the way home, some of the boys were cracking us up climbing the poles and trying to do chin ups, etc. A little brother was the best!!

Great night and all was safe – there was a no bags policy in place but it was outside in the crowds which was my most uneasy period.  I did not see one armed Garda – yes, I still have strange feeling about the fact that most of our police do NOT carry guns!!  A few issues with drunk losers but thankfully that didn’t  escalate.  Anyway on the DART, no worries only laughs at the climbing monkies.

Fun time with a great group of kids and parents and awesome that we won!

Soren’s 9th Birthday Party

As Soren is crazy about football, it was only fitting to have a football birthday party at Dublin Indoor Football.  It is not too far away, various party packages (which are affordable) include time in a party room and time on the pitch.  He has been to parties here in the past and attends a weekly skills training every week here too so it was the perfect place.

Football Birthday Party

Together with Maebh, a few classmates and some of the boys from his football team, they played a couple games, ate pizza and cupcakes.   Nils was the “referee” and another dad helped being a goalie until the kids took over.



And the dab photo!  (I guess it is not ‘out’!)


Oh and the were really loud!

When he got home he went out to play with his present- a large football goal for the garden!


And as a bonus in the evening The New England Patriots won their 5th Superbowl!!

Christmas Tree – First fake one EVER!

So as we decided to not get a real tree this year, but still wanted to have something here for the Christmas cheer/spirit.  We were fortunate to borrow and old one from a friend.  As it’s small, fake and truthfully not so appealing for the first time ever, I told them to decorate however they want.  I am going to leave off my “nice ornaments” completely this year.

It’s small & truthfully it is very ugly but the kids love it so that is all that matters.

Earlier in the day the kids went to a birthday party where there was a great face painter and then had a two hour play date with another friend.  So the tree was put up still in their face paint.

Elf On The Shelf: Asteroid & PIxie Are Back

The Elves, Asteroid & Pixie have arrived for the third year.  They always come the day after Thanksgiving in our house! The kids are having a lot of laughs about them.  When they come down in the am to have breakfast, they look to see what they’ve done and make comments – which coincidentally the elves tend to do the next day.

Day 1 – Skipping Rope Competition 

First you have to understand how much Maebh loves to skip – she does this all the time. 


Day 2 – They ate their favorite numbers from the Advent Calendars & finished my chocolates!

Day 3 – Frozen Memory

(Maebh and I played it the night before and of course she won.  I don’t try to let her win, she is just too good and wins often!)


Excuse the messy kitchen, waiting on the dishwasher to finish 🙂

Day 4 – Hide and Seek inside our the Nesting Dolls

Soren piced the back one & Maebh the colorful one and Soren got it correct.

Day 5 – Toilet Paper Roll Race

When Maebh woke up today she said, I knew they were going to roll down the steps with toilet paper – I told Papa about it yesterday!  I knew it!!”

Day 6 – Christmas Cards


The kids brought home their individual drawn Christmas cards yesterday and Maebh did some additional sketches, so they acknowledged their good jobs.

Day 7 – Orange Juice?


Day 8 – Sleeping in Stockings.

Now that the kids have put up the tree, the elves found their stockings & took a rest. 


Day 9 –  Chocolate

The kids still have two pails of Halloween candy left over and as the school is looking for donations, the elves suggested they donate them.  Kids disapprove! 

Day 10 –  Decorative Plates

Last year we made Santa & Rudolf plates and this year the elves want one for them. 


Day 11 –  

Clearly need to get back and find photos of what they did for the rest of the days!  Slacker!!

Irish Dancing Charity Feis

Today Maebh took part in a charity Irish Dancing Feis here in Dublin. Her teacher told her about it and thought it might be good experience to get up in front of a large room full of people and dance.
In May the school did small one but this one had 650 dancers over the two days!

Due to child protection, photos and videos were not allowed during the show – only at the end when they get their awards. I did manage to get these two photos.

And the awards ceremony was a bit chaotic and confusing but only that we are new with it all.  One girl took home four trophies – so it’s clear after a lot of practicing, she can too, if she wants.  So far she loves her dancing and is hoping for a dress and wig!



Killiney Hill Playground

On Sunday, we had a short stroll on Killiney Beach looking for sea glass and the kids playing a bit of football.

After we took the kids to Killiney Hill Playground.  While it’s more suitable for younger kids, the views of Howth and Dun Laoghaire are beautiful and they did have some fun.

Afterwards we drove over to Dun Laoghaire to walk around a bit.
We stumbled upon People’s Park market which I loved -food trucks galore and artisan food.
I’d love to have this on my doorstep each Sunday. We’ll surely be back here!!

Bowling @ Leisureplex

Today most of Soren’s football team and some siblings/parents played a game of bowling.  I didn’t take photos but in the end we got a group photo of the kids – they all had a blast.   Even with a fracture elbow, Soren managed.  Shane also has a broken arm!

We won bowling for 20 people for the summer thanks to the Kids Guide Ireland, the idea to share it with the soccer team was perfect!