Christmas Elves – Asteroid & Pixie Are Back….

Like last year, the Elf Of The Shelf game is back in the house…. Asteroid & Pixie arrived last night (Thanksgiving)!   They brought with them a long letter from Santa which hopefully keeps them believing a bit longer.

Stay tuned as I’ve got some new ideas of mischief for these two.

Day 1- As the kids watched Superdog the movie last night with popcorn, it only made sense to set the elves up in the same position as the kids …

Day 2 – Asteroid & Pixie gathered up the kids’ favorite teddies including Big Z and had a tea party.

Day 3 – Asteroid & Pixie returned on the Polar Express.  The kids & I watched the movie for the first time ever.  Soren especially loved it.

Day 4 – Asteroid & Pixie joined the kids for breakfast.  The kids found it funny (though they did the same thing last year), Maebh refused to eat her Rice Krispies. 🙂

Day 5 – Asteroid & Pixie playing Gruffalo Memory.  We played four games after dinner – which Maebh won THREE!   Soren was totally grumpy because of it!!  When they saw them playing this am, they asked if we can play again tonight after dinner.

Day 6 – Circus tme!


Day 7 – Last night I was so tired and went to bed early – so my husband took it upon himself to set up the elves for me – so they took a ride on M’s scooter.

Day 8 – Last night the kids and I were chatting and candy canes were discussed.  Soren then said, “I wish we could have candy canes” – ah ha, I had picked up some on a recent trip an they were still in my bag – so it was fitting.  This am they found the 6 hidden candy canes rather quickly.

Day 9 – Last night I was in bed early again so thankfully Nils did yet another set up for me.  I’m sure he got the idea as he was up late listening to music too.  On a side note: I hope to do some more creative, mischievious posts soon. I have mini whoopie cushions in my drawer, which could be fun!

Day 10 – Lunches were packed!  And of course, while the kids found it funny, Soren and Maebh are so even Stephen kind of kids, Soren’s first reply and in a bit of a whining tone was “awe, look Maebh has more sweet stuff than I do.”  Grrr…

Day 11 – Playing a little poker with the kids money and their new piggy banks.


Day 12 – Kids underwear on the tree!
Day 13 – Playing Hangman!

Day 14 –  Whoopie Cushion Fun!


Day 15 –  Help Me – I’m stuck in a jar and in keeping with the sibling squabling here in our house, they are blaming eachother! 🙂

Day 16 – SNOW .  They wrote snow on the glass doors in the kitchen.  Not sure why I put snow but it was put on using fake spray snow.  Now that I type this, I’m going to go back into the kithen and pull the shade down… and put a riddle on the table. This way when they open it, the two elves and words snow appear.

Day 17 – FUNNY FACES.  The elves drew funny faces on photos of the kids in he hallway.

Day 18 – RELAXING IN A HAMMOCK.  Today they found the elves in a hammock in the livng room relaxing and they were SO comfortable!! they stated there for TWO NIGHTS!!

Day 19 – TAKE US TO UK   The elves drew mini canvas signs (courtesy of Tiger) which read: We heart Soren & we heart Maebh and a second one saying Santa says bring us to the UK … which we did.  But Soren is convinced that they were being cheeky and they were not supposed to come too!

Day 20 – EXCERCISING.  They were found in the landing with Beppe’s excercise stuff – which sometimes she does with the kids which adds to the humor.

And that is it…. at midnight tonight Santa is to take the elves back with him so he has to get a letter to the kids reminding them to be good this year and that they’ll be back next year.  I think he’ll also make them in “fake mode” so they can be touched tonight.  It’s been fun and they made the kids laugh a lot!!

While Maebhw as poorly, she still had fun holding Pixie for a bit in bed….



Asteroid & Pixie Arrive – Let the fun with our Christmas Elves Begin….

When we are out enjoying our Thanksgiving Dinner today, our two Christmas Elves, Asteroid & Pixie will be arriving!  Can’t wait to see Soren & Maebh’s reaction.   Part of me thinks Maebh is going to afraid of it but once she gets used to them, she’ll be fine.


Below is the introduction letter from Santa.  I’m sticking with whole “Elf On The Shelf” concept but with a little twist for our family.

A local mum started a Facebook group, called Christmas Elves Fun & Frolics, which really helped me get into the whole ‘elf thing’ this year as it’s our first go at it.  There are over 200 other mums in the Norwich area (perhaps even beyond) who post ideas, photos and just great stuff about their elves.   There is even a Christmas Card exchange between the Elves.

In addition to the letter above, Asteroid & Pixie have beds with sleeping bags.  When I was out running errands today, I saw a cute Santa hat and got the idea to cut one in half, re-sew it into two sleeping bags.  So voila – they have beds with sleeping bags.  In the letter #4 says: Each night, your Mum & Dad must tuck them in their special sleeping bags.


They’ll each receive an advent calendar, chocolate Santa and the “official” Elf On The Shelf book.  I picked up some chocolate balls today, so occasionally they’ll incorporate those into their mischief and the kids can eat one each on the way to school!


When we got home from the Wilson’s – around 11 pm, the kids were exhausted.  They came home to find their elves ready for them… Maebh didn’t really react but it was Soren who said – they are fake plastic and that box is the pencil case at my school!  Not the reaction I wanted – thankfully they both napped for 2 hours earlier, otherwise, it would have been even worse.

In order for them to really like this, they have to really do some fun stuff to wow them.

Thankfully, one Pinterest search for “Elf on the Shelf” ideas, you get hundreds upon hundreds!