DISTANCE DISCO – A Remote Dance Party!

My daughter was invited to a socially distance online birthday disco dance party – so naturally she let brother & I get in on the action. The invitation, which was super creative was hand delivered. It contained an invite, activity sheets, chips, juice boxes, a bouncy ball, glow sticks and naturally a Corona beer for the adults.

A company in Amsterdam created distancedisco.nl – which essentially was a quirky social experiment that combines a dance party with a game. There is one simple rule: you have to find the person who’s dancing to your own song and enter their code. If you enter the wrong code you get minus points – that is where we went wrong a bit at the start. Tip: Read the FAQs online before the party so you know exactly what to do! But all in all it sounds simple right – well if you have a small screen and lots of people dancing around it’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s really hard to see … so you have to get creative – like using your hands to sing and make sings like love, patting your heart or your head. Using your fingers to count and even some props – we brought in a teddy bear for the song I’m a gummy bear. I do think next time, we will hook up to the big screen tv in the living room – only we’ll miss out on the LED “Night Club effect” offered in my son’s room. Dressing up and having a disco ball for atmosphere would be really fun, but our family has never been into fancy dress so we lack crazy hats, wigs, costumes and all that party stuff. So apart from our Oeteldonk jackets and scarves and the 3d-movie glasses (which we were wearing), we don’t have a trunk full of dress up clothes like some families. And with all shops closed in our continued lockdown, getting any of that would require more preparation and ordering online etc.

And we, team Peanut, Butter & Jelly finished right in the middle 8 out of 16 – so not bad for our first time 🙂

Maebh had such a great time that she’s considering doing this for her birthday early April should the Covid restrictions continue as they are going – which might be the case.

Booking is straight forward, you fill in a form online – book a slot with a time, select the type of music and then send a link to your guests. Dancers must be online before the start of the event as they cannot join after it starts.

And for those who are interested in just dancing with strangers, you can do that too for FREE on their platform!

Overall, we had a great time and would definitely recommend doing it with friends and family. We’ll certainly do it again!

Christmas Games: Kids Edition

Each year at Christmas, the family used to play game with small gifts.  You’d roll the dice and depending on the #, you would either open a present, take a present from someone, etc.  Of course, this is hard if you are very young – it’s hard to get a present taken away from you.

As the game has lost appeal to many of the adults, it was passed along to the kids.  We knew our kids would enjoy it.  In fact, Maebh asked if it can be played again at the Easter Break when their cousins are in from Los Angeles.

In the end they all ended up with a number of presents, some enjoyed their presents more than others. Though there was not a single toy which they all wanted so that was positive.  Our kids requested to play this game each year even if it was just with us four – as they find it super fun – so we agreed and it’s now part of our annual Christmas tradition!

Also each child received a couple gifts from Santa, as he delivered their gifts to Dublin. First our kids opened their stockings and found some small things.

Astroid & Pixie left…

Between courses they opened their gifts.

Big success with gifts Santa!  A drone, Feyernoord hat and Mercedes Benz model, 3d art, painting kit and some sewing kits.

Board Game: Operation

The kids’ school had a cake sale yesterday to raise money for their Harvest event and selected charity and during the sale, Soren won a new board game Operation.

They were so excited to play it but after some time realised it was not as easy as it seems.  One thing I’ll say is the quality is so poor – compared to the game we had in the 80’s.  The quality of the pieces, plastic and game iteself was just so different. If I can get my hands on a vintage Operation game, I’d love to show the kids.  I felt the same with Hungry Hungry Hippos game a few years back.
All in all the fun lasted about 10 minutes max with some fights about who set off the buzzer or not. Not sure when we’ll play it again… don’t think it was the best game from their collection.  Pie Face is the game they are hoping Santa brings them.

Backyard Water Play & Pannenkoek

Yesterday the kids spent some time playing in the Crazy Daisy and the blow-up, kiddie pool.   A friend’s son came over then so did Nils’ sister and crew came over too!

Then boys loved it and the photos say it all.  The girls played school, house & doctor in the house.

Later Lise made pannenkoeken which was a nice treat for all of us.

Speaking of water play, last week on a hot day the kids played with Tom our neighbor in his two pools.



National Trust: Tracker Pack Fun at Sheringham Park

We took the kids to Sheringham Park, the place where I work.  We first had a quick lunch in the cafe and then set off on a nice long walk.


Before we headed out on the walk, we picked up two tracker packs for the kids at the Visitors Center. These are little fanny packs, which clip around your waist and are full with a set  of binoculars, bug hunting stuff, bird boxes, slinky and so much more to do when you are around the park.  In fact, I think there is way too much stuff in them.

So with the tracker packs on and full tummies, we headed out.  The binoculars alone are enough to keep the kids busy, but at the same time, were a bit of a hindrance as they had trouble walking as they wanted to look through them as they walk.
We took the blue route – which is the Repton Walk – 2.5 miles.  There were so many cows on the parklands with babies… I just had to get up close at one mama & her baby.  They had such personalities… the mom checked me out and then with her whole body she got between me and the baby and the nudged the baby off to the left away from me.

Down the main path, where I found the most delicious blackberries, but surprisingly I was also the only one who wanted to eat them.  Other families were on the other side of the fence, near the cows, picking buckets full to be made into a crumble.

After some gate climbing, we past the house, by the park lands up to the Temple where they played a bit and then through the woods.

One thing that I found in England and especially on National Trust land, is that there are some amazing trees here.  Most people just walk on by, but I love taking photos of trees! And what child can resist climbing a few, or better yet, going inside a hollow one?!

Between the two packs, there was only one slinky, so they had to take turns.  As you can imagine, it was is not always the easiest as slinkies are great fun & both wanted it.  Perhaps a stocking stuffer this year.  And if we take out the tracker packs again, we’ll be sure that we take out two with the same things.

I know that was a LOT of slinky photos, but I loved them all and wanted to keep them here for future viewing – so much fun was had by Soren.

A last stop in the Bower section for some bug hunting and playing with the environmental stick art before we left.
It was a great time and while I do work there, the kids love going and there is so many choices in terms of walks.  Next time we go as a family, I think we’ll take out the Geocaches, now that Rob gave me a one-on-one training, I’m confident I can find them with the devices guiding us.