Spotify Wrapped 2021: A deep dive into your most memorable listening moments of the year!

It’s that time of year where all of us Spotify listeners get a deep dive into their most memorable listening moments of the year. I know some people don’t care about other people’s Spotify Wrapped, but I love seeing stats from the people I follow. And here I’m subjecting you guys to mine! 🙂

Time listening & Genres

First, let’s talk about the amount of time I’ve spent listening to music. The fact I’ve spent 96,620 minutes (which can be translated into 67 days) isn’t super surprising to me since I listen to music ALL the time in my house – when I shower, clean the house, walk the lake, etc. What does surprise me is that I listen more than 98% of other listeners here in the Netherlands! 🙂

As for genres, the top two are not a surprise. But what the heck is with #3 – SLAPHOUSE? What even is that? Had to spend some time googling that. Now I see it’s future house music = Afrojack and Dynoro – so that explains it. I am sure I got some of their songs on my playlists.

Top Artists & Top Songs

Meghan Trainor coming in first is a bit shocking to me, but because a few of her songs are on my most-listened-to playlist, I guess it would make sense she is in the rotation a lot. Tom Grennan and Guus Meeuwis would have been my suspected most played artists so that is cool. I think Justin Bieber should be here somewhere! He has really improved over the years!!

As for the top songs, well no clue! I have a REALLY large 2021 playlist which I listen to often which has a lot of duplication from other playlists so guess if those are on there and played often they come up. I don’t recall ever listening to one of these 5 songs any more than other songs which come on very often.


While I have listened to a fair share of podcasts over the past couple of years, I do prefer music in the background. I tend to have phases of listening to podcasts that don’t last long. That being said, I did listen to more this year than last and I’ve written about my favorite ones My Top 11 Podcasts, so can check that out to learn more. But I swear, this snapshot is a bit cheeky – OC Swingers and Sex Stories – yes, while I did listen, those two are NOT the ones I most listened too. I mean I listened to over 36 episodes of Ear Hustle surely that should be present on this list, no?!

Fun Extras!

As for the fun extras that wrapped gave us this year, here are mine! My audio aura moods are is confident and nostalgic, 135 genres and 2,384 different artists other than MEGHAN TRAINOR – that’s cool! Whale sounds, interesting!

Wrap up the Wrapped!

So, this is what my music tastes have been like for the last year – still shaking my head Meghan Trainor #1 out of 2,384 other artists!! I am going to really make an effort to clean up my playlists and not just listen to 2021 which has the most songs, but categorize them more in the hopes that some newcomers find their way as well. Well, I say I’ll do this now, not sure I’ll ever make time to do it. Then again, now we’re back in Covid Lockdown 3.0 for the next week weeks, maybe I will.

Can’t wait to see what 2022 will be like.

While there’s no way to find the actual Wrapped feature from previous years with all the specific stats, Spotify users can still go back and find their Top 100 Songs playlists from the past few years. (If they’re not still saved in your playlist library, that is.). All you have to do to go back in time and see what songs you made it to on your Most Played lists is click on one of these links below.

Each link will open Spotify in your web browser and show you a playlist full of all the top songs you listened to in that year.

Do you use Spotify? Did you check out your Spotify Wrapped? Did anything surprise you?

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