Happy 11th Birthday My Girl!

My Dear Maebh,

Like I always say at the start of every birthday “it’s so hard to believe that x number of years ago I held you in my arms for the first time and looked deeply into your big, beautiful eyes.”  Well, this year it’s #11 baby!   You have officially become a “tween” on this birthday, in between childhood & teenage years.  Not a day goes by that I don’t look into those same huge eyes with a love that has only grown since the day I first saw you.  “My girl” as I said at Mass General Hospital when they handed me to you.  Totally in shock as I was CONVINCED you were a boy!   

What does  “TWEEN” actually mean for you? In these ways you struggling in between as a “TWEEN”

In between women and girl clothes.

Still finding your style – and looking forward to fitting my clothes – especially all my SHOES!

In between kids meals & adult entrees.

In between cuddling stuffed animals and texting on your phone.

Liking a boy one day & not the next.

Wanted to stay up late but exhausted!

Some days you are struggling in between, I see the changes. I see how your little face still lights up and I see the way you feel when I don’t understand you or when you are annoyed with me. I was once here too my girl… a tween wondering why don’t they get me. In fact, today at 46 I sometimes think the same thing – why don’t they get me! 🙂

I’m not going to write a huge letter this year highlighting what is going on in your/our lives.   You can also read last year’s letter here. There has been, no doubt, challenges but what also has been is GROWTH.  You have developed more this year and will continue to grow.  Both physically my little peanut but emotionally, intellectually and socially!   Continue taking those “small steps” is all I ask that you take and you’ll see how far you can overcome any obstacles blocking your way. 

There is not a day that goes my which we do not have music & dancing, laughter & creativity in our home. And you know why?  It’s because YOU are so creative and warm that you bring that out in all of us.  Whether you are teaching me a new Tik Tok dance or making a fidget toy in your room and proudly showing us, your creative brain is always buzzing. Look at these plain white garden shoes you decorated on a whim! I’d never think to add little daisies to them – but that is your creativeness. I know you’ll never lose that sparkle and shine! 

I’ve not often said this to you because we have not yet really hit the “puber” hole which we are about to dive into together [along with your 13 year old brother – help me 🙂 ] but know that I’m your mother first and your friend second. My job is to guide you through the tough waters ahead, keep you safe and help you grow into the woman you’re destined to become. My decisions won’t always be popular with you, I’m sure you’re realising that by now when I say no to some things.  But, no matter what, I love you unconditionally and nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever change that my girl.

With Covid still keeping kids birthday parties from happening, I know as an 11 year old you are disappointed in the fact that now two years in a row you have missed out on a party. You were, however, able to celebrate nicely surrounded by family and loved ones and that is what matters most. A decorated house, a Christoffel tart, presents and well-wishes from so many near & abroad – and a new Oodle – you were one happy girl this birthday.

We are all so proud of the person you are Maebh! Continue to be yourself – don’t conform stay true to you. One way is we’re putting in that pink or purple hair dye this weekend because that is what you want, not mama 🙂

Love Mom! xxx

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