Personalized LED Lithophane Night Light – A Great Gift Idea!

So I just received a gift from my sister that she made herself – a LED lithophane night light that she made for me using a photo of mine featuring my kids! As she sells them on her Etsy shop – and they are so cute, I of course, need to share!

Lithowhat? Lithophane (lith-uh-feyn) you ask? Me too at first. It is an etched or molded artwork made of a thin translucent material that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source. These are printed with a 3D printer using your image to create the effect and paired with a night light to bring it to life. Basically she turns YOUR own photo into a stunning night light!

The cover plate slides onto night light which has a special 1-watt LED bulb, which means it will last a very long time while using a fraction of the electricity a standard incandescent night light bulb uses.  As the plate slides off, you can replace say a Christmas edition quickly once the season is over.

She made it as a surprise for me using a photo I had taken.  But now I’m looking through all my photos to have her custom-make one for my upstairs bathroom.   I like to keep a light on in there for the kids and the current light is just so bright.   If we had a pet, that would be an easy solution, but we don’t! 

my original photo
The 3-D lithophane printed night light

Here are some other examples of other lithophane night lights she has made for her happy customers.

So if you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Teacher Appreciation, Birthday, or Baby Shower Gift, this might just be the perfect gift. 

Check out her Etsy shop today, HandMadeByHanaki but be sure you tell her I sent you if you make an order!   She might even give you a special discount – no promises! 🙂   

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