The Euromast – Experience the most stunning views of Rotterdam

During the summer holidays, we took the kids to Rotterdam for a fun day out. They had already been to the Maritime Museum one time before we relocated to the Netherlands. Since we moved here, Soren has had season tickets to Feyernoord his favorite Dutch football team, so he’s been to the city many times, just never has he been a “tourist” in the city and visited the top of the Euromast until now.

The Euromast is Rotterdam’s iconic observation tower. It was built in 1960 to mark the occasion Floriade, an international flower and garden exhibition. Its height at 101 meters was the tallest building back in the days. Unfortunately, Euromast quickly lost its title due to the ever changing Rotterdam’s skyline. In 1970, Euromast retaliated with additional 85 meters by adding a rotating elevator – ‘Space Tower’.

We so cooly arrived by water taxi from the SS Rotterdam – which to the kids was extra fun way to travel. I was a bit nervous at first as I’ve seen how fast those dudes fly across the harbour, but it wasn’t so bad despite it being indeed really very quick! Before you knew it we were putting into the dock to get off at the giant temple like building – which turned out to be an Amazing Oriental – my favorite Asian grocery store here in the Netherlands. Didn’t stop in but good to know where this one is located as I’ll need to stock up on Korean pancake mix soon.

Having booked out tickets already online, it was very simple to walk in, scan your tickets and so right up. You are first instructed to take the first set of elevators up to the viewing deck where you can walk around casually and take in the sites… The views are amazing!!

After you feel you are windblown and had enough of the amazing views, you can choose to continue up to the Euroscoop or head back down…. we chose to wait and go up!


When you are at the top of the viewing platform, you can take an additional lift up to the top and take a 360 degree “ride” called Euroscoop which gives you spectacular views and a narration of the city in Dutch and English). At this point you are 185 meters up! Due to COVID, they require the 1.5 meter spacing so less than the normal 25 people could go up – so expect a bit of a wait. The ride is about 8 minutes in total…. as with most touristy things – book early or later in the day to avoid the biggest lines.



We didn’t have anything to eat or drink but there are dining options including breakfast, high tea, lunch, dinner and even a deli.  You can find them all on their website under restaurants. 


Every Sunday, and in the school holidays on Wednesdays & Saturdays, the Kids Club organizes various kinds of FREE activities in the Deli restaurant on the ground floor.   Some things include make your own superhero cape, typical Dutch games or build your own Euromast!

There is a gift shop on the way out but we didn’t buy anything – didn’t like any of the magnets.  But we did, however, on the way down, see one of those coin machines which turns pennies into flat souvenirs.  While we normally do those, this time we saw one that gives you a paper “euro” so the kids did that instead.  So now they both have a €0 Euro from the Euromast. 


For €395. per night, you can stay in one of two exclusive suites: ‘Heaven’ or ‘Stars’. These are located above the brasserie, next to the viewing platforms at a hundred meters above the ground.  Heaven faces the South, putting the world port of Rotterdam at your feet.  The somewhat smaller Stars, faces the North and welcomes you with a view of the Rotterdam skyline.  The price includes an elaborate breakfast (consumed in the suite or in the brasserie) and a bottle of champagne.   I assume brides stay here most often as you can even get married here. 


Tickets are €10.25 for adults, €1 discount for adults 65+ and kids 4-11 are €6.75. If you live in the Netherlands, sometimes you can find discounted ticket deals on, Groupon or similar sites. You can also buy a combination ticket with a Spido harbour cruise on their site if you are interested. You can only pay by PIN so plan accordingly.

Depending on how you are arriving, go to their site for directions, but I highly recommend the water taxi.  Afterwards, we took the Tram over to the Maritime Museum.  Either way, I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding this world-famous structure!


Have you ever been to the Euromast?   Am I missing anything interesting? 

If you are like me and not a huge fan of heights, I was actually fine.  Even my 10 year old, who was afraid of going up, did fine and enjoyed the visit!  I highly recommend visiting the Euromast if you are visiting Rotterdam. 

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