Cafe Dudok Rotterdam

Nearly 30 years ago, Dudok Rotterdam opened its doors in a building on De Meent.  The building itself “De Nederlanden van 1845 Rotterdam” was designed by well-known Dutch architect Willem Marinus Dudok to be used as an office building for the insurance company.   In addition to Rotterdam, they have other locations around the Netherlands including Den Haag & Arnhem.    If interested, you can read more about Dudok and his contributions around the Netherlands and beyond here at Wiki.

Photo Credit:  Cafe Dudok Instagram

We split a slice of their original apple pie and it was great.  Not too much dough and not too sweet.  They have a seasonal menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner including vegan and vegetarian options but we didn’t have anything apart from the pie and beer.  You’re probably thinking beer and apple pie, well it was the start of our weekend, sitting gout on the terrace – yes, a nice local summer beer.


While we sat outside on the terrace, I went inside to take some photos as the interior and of course the deserts.


You can take home ready-made apple pie but they also have “Do It Yourself apple pie boxes” which I know would be a big hit with the kids, but I thought not this time.  Not 100% but I assume it’s all the dry ingredients and you buy the apples.  When the kids are visiting Rotterdam with me, we’ll bring them here for a slice of cake.  I’m thinking they’d like to take home the kit then making it just that much more special.  The carrot cake and the chocolate cake looked good too – not sure which one the kids would select – but I hope a variety and we can taste each others. 🙂  I’ll be sure to post a photo when we visit.




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