Product Review: Hendy Amsterdam Phone Case with Cord

You probably can tell by now that I take a LOT of photos using my iPhone, so my phone is in my hand a LOT.  Okay so what’s the problem you think… well nothing when I’m walking around but when I’m on my bike it’s a pain.

So, for now, I keep stopping, taking my phone out, taking a photo, putting it back in my bag, and on and on.   Often times, I just skip taking a photo as it’s a bit of a pain.   So I’m thinking that by having my iPhone around my neck, taking photos and navigation will be much easier.

I did lots of searches for the perfect one and found a local Dutch company Hendy Amsterdam which was the first to bring this product to the Dutch market so while there are now competitors, I’d like to support her.  Of course, the “perfect one”  for me and the one I really really have wanted for a few years now is a leather Sarah Pebble case & a stud zip pouch by Bandolier, but my pocketbook cannot handle it at this time so I think the Hendy is a great alternative that will work perfectly.   I also didn’t want to get the cheapest Chinese imported ones for less than €10.  With those, you know it’s just a matter of time before my very expensive & just this month paid-off iPhone 8 plus would be laying on the floor broken.


  • “Classic Hendy”  Transparent silicone cover with a cord.   € 19.95 + Shipping
  • “Sophisticated Hendy” consists of a black nylon hard cover that offers space for cards (max 3) or cash and cord.

I choose the “Classic” Hendy as the “Sophisticated” one to me looked very masculine – but I do see how it would be handy to have a place for a bank card.  Maybe in person, I’d change my mind.   

But having to order online vs in the shop, I was only going off what I thought.   Not sure if they sell them locally in Den Bosch – I don’t think so. Maybe if I see the Sophisticated in a shop one time

In Amsterdam, I might consider getting it.


The adjustable, water-repellent cords come in nine different colors with gold metal accents. While I did like the multi-color, I ended up going with black = safe for my wardrobe. 


They have several different sizes to choose from, so be sure you select the correct phone model.

Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 15.29.51


The Hendy seems ideal for a festival or concert – having it around your neck allowing to you dance around freely with your arms up and not worry about if you have a pocket.    It is also great to have as little as possible with you at a concert.    Also at a food truck festival could be handy to have around your neck, allowing you to let it hang.   For me, it will be ideal for bike rides and being able to hear and a quick glance down to see where I need to go next on my map.  It’s no longer allowed to hold your telephone or any electronic device here in the Netherlands while riding your bike – you’ll get a €95 fine.


I think this would make a great gift and you are supporting a local Dutch start-up. So if you are looking for a nice gift, but you’re not sure which phone model or color Hendy you should buy? You could always give them a digital Hendy gift card.   Digital Gift Vouchers are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem them at checkout. The gift vouchers have no extra processing costs.


Buy a Hendy and receive a 20% discount on your second Hendy. Choose a second color or give a Hendy gift!  Use discount code “SUMMERSALE”. * Promotion runs until July 19; not usable in combination with other promotions

Like many online retailers, if you put a Hendy in your shopping cart and wait a few hours and not purchase it, you’ll get a reminder there is something in your box and a 10% discount code.   Surely I would have liked that before but a good tip for you my readers.

While their website is in Dutch but if you pull down the little flag, you can change it to English.  But good for your practice for those living here!

Update: After school today, when the kids saw me, they said laughing that I look like Juf Marcia – the head of the school. Ha ha Is that a good or bad thing!?

Disclosure:   I have purchased the Hendy Classic myself and was not given the item for free for my review.  This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words.  Though I’d gladly review the Sophisticated case, if given the opportunity! 

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