DIY: VSCO Cowie Shell Choker Necklace

My 9 year old asked me for a cowie shell chocker necklace but we haven’t been able to find one in Claires nor at the Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam,  so instead I decided to make it for her.  Of course, practice makes perfect, so I made her a few different necklaces and even a bracelet.

She’s very happy with them and changes them up when she goes to school.




I ordered some cowie shells & some supplies online but I did have some items here already so it quite simple to make … each one takes about 6 minutes to make.




While I cannot “label” our  9 year old a “100% VSCO girl”, she and a few of her girly friends have likens to one.   

While there are several specific hallmarks of a “VSCO girl,” which include:

  • scrunchies – Yes she has loads
  • oversized T-shirts –  Some
  • clothing from the store Brandy Melville – Never heard of her – totally a US thing. 
  • Vans – Maybe in the summer.  Not the best weather here for Vans.  She prefers Fila platform sneakers and wants Doc Maarten boots for Xmas.  
  • Pura Vida bracelets – These are totally more my style and price range than hers 🙂 
  • Fjällräven Kånken backpacks – Nope – I’m not paying that much for a backpack for her at 9 years old… an online-knock off maybe but not at real one at this age. 
  • Shell necklaces – yep, see above photos! 
  • Birkenstock Sandals  – Has not yet asked – I have Gizeh ones thought 🙂 

Another integral part of the “VSCO girl” lifestyle is being environmentally conscious, as a key component to the style is the use of products such as metal straws and Hydro Flasks to “save the turtles.”  So while we don’t go around using metal straws, we do try to avoid plastic ones. She uses a CHILLY’S AVOCADO bottle – only because we live in the Netherlands and Chillys & Doppers are more popular.   BUT…. as she was born in the US have many connections still back in the US and thanks to YOUTUBE, she is well versed in many things from the US including speaking fluent English [unlike many of her 9 year old pals].  So she “gets” a lot of the lingo and stuff which her friends don’t get.

Anyway, thankfully she doesn’t walk around putting on lip balm and doesn’t say “tssk tssk” nor “and I oop”.  She does however, watch and record videos with her girlies on TikTok.

We’ll see how long this VSCO girl trend lasts in our house … but it is all harmless and innocent!




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