Moerputten Nature Reserve Den Bosch

Yesterday was the first official day of spring in the Netherlands and was the warmest 16th of February ever with temps as high as 18 c in some parts of the South.  So we head out for a walk to enjoy the nice weather.   An alternative nature area to the Bossche Broek Nature Reserve near Den Bosch is Moerputten which is a 120 hectare nature reserve which lies to the west of Den Bosch. It is managed by Staatsbosbeheer (check out their site for activities and other routes in the Netherlands)   

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 09.12.06

Moerputtenbrug is a bridge which is 585 meters long and was built between 1881 and 1887 as a railway bridge.  Until 1972 it was part of the Langstraat railway line and there were trains running between ‘s-Hertogenbosch (via Waalwijk) and Geertruidenberg / Lage Zwaluwe. This track was built for the shoe industry, hence the iconic name ‘Half Soles Line’. After a few years’ restoration, the bridge was opened in 2011 to hikers and cyclists, with a beautiful view over the marsh and the nature reserve.  And again it was recently renovated and open for walkers and cyclists to enjoy!



We decided to take the yellow walking trail as it was only about 5 km and would include both the bridge, a walk by the butterfly area (which clearly is not the right season) and the wooden planks over the marshes.

The wooden planks over the swampy marsh and mossy trees was the favorite part for all of us.   The kids were using their imagination and talking about alligators coming out from the water, etc.

And nothing to do with us, but this guy did a video using his drone of the area – which you get a great view of the bridge.

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