Soren turned 11

loves.... (4).pngHow on earth can our oldest baby already be 11?!  Time really goes so fast….  I told him today that while most 11 year olds are eager to grow up and join the teenager stage fast, take your time and enjoy 11. You’ll have seven years to be a teen and only one to be 11!   Hope he listens 🙂

Today we had breakfast with his grandparents and then he and his father headed off to watch Feyenoord vs. Ajax – Holland’s biggest rivals – he’ll never forget this game – it’s quite the atmosphere in the Kuip.   Fingers cross Feyenoord wins for him!

Update: They beat Ajax 6-2!!!   Here is a video posted on  – some fan’s in the stands were crying!   When they got home, they watched the game again on tv… ha ha 


His birthday party with friends will be held in a couple weeks at an indoor trampoline park.  I’ll post photos later.   He wanted paintball but a friend told me no parent is going to allow their 10 & 11 year  olds to do that – better to do that when they are older.   I did it years ago and I had so many bruises weeks later – I can see why!

It’s hard being born in the winter – all parties are indoors!


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